Pastor Paul Enenche : General of the message of the salvation of Christ

History is replete with the rare accounts of great minds who trudged the earth’s soil and made remarkable milestones in different fields of human endevour. Humanity has always profited greatly from the exceptional contributions of such mortals, translating into medical, technological, social and economic innovations that address the challenges of nations and communities. In some cases, the ideas of greats from time past, like those of Socrates (469-399BC), still persist in shaping the political ideologies of contemporary governments.

Pastor Paul Enenche:

There are also men who constitute in the present, assets to nations and to unborn generations given their exceptional passion and dedication to the cause of uplifting mankind. Nigerian preacher and Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Center (DIGC), Dr. Paul Enenche more than fit this profile.

Dr. Enenche can rightly be described as a phenomenon. He is a preacher, pastor, teacher, prophet, worshipper, music composer, songwriter, saxophonist, singer, dancer, motivator, mentor, writer, speaker, medical doctor, people manager, philanthropist, and social justice advocate. The list runs without end.
Seeds of Destiny
As encapsulated in the bio section of his daily devotional publication, Seeds of Destiny, Dr. Enenche’s consuming passion is “to see that the earth is filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea”. Little wonder, therefore, that the proselytization of the gospel of Christ to nations has remained a principal priority of Dunamis International Gospel Center, a church Enenche established in 1996. Through regular church services, outreaches and crusades that hold across Nigeria and in many other countries, the salvation message and redeeming power of Christ is daily being preached to many. This is also being done employing a multiplicity of traditional and new media channels as Dunamis TV, Web TV and Web Radio. In 2017, DIGC held daily services for the 365 days of that year.
Dr. Enenche preaches about the supernatural power that God can bequeath to the committed and dedicated. He speaks against physical and spiritual laziness and indolence. He preaches integrity and character and stresses that character is a key value that men must possess if they are to fulfill destiny. He preaches love for God and for mankind and has demonstrated this through his charitable giving.
His messages have served as elixir to many troubled minds including that of this writer. Dr. Enenche expresses strong faith in God and in the ability of a transformed mind to achieve whatever it sets itself to. He once had cause to opine in this regard, “The world minds those who maximize their mind. The limit of thought defines the limit of life”. This he has amply demonstrated through a litany of achievements. In 2014 he led DIGC to begin the construction of the Lord’s Garden, in Abuja. What appeared then as a very audacious enterprise, which many governments would be cautious to take up, is almost nearing completion, with a hundred thousand capacity Glory Dome, tagged as the eight wonder of the world.
A closer glimpse at the life of Dr. Enenche whose step on earth’s soil has radically transformed the lives of millions of people may be well served by an analogy. In the biblical account of 2 Chronicles 9, the queen of Sheba having heard so much about the wisdom of King Solomon travelled several miles to Jerusalem, to determine this firsthand. After a careful observation of King Solomon’s wisdom, demonstrated in the words he uttered, the house he had built, the cuisines of the palace, the efficiency and the beauty and effective organization that characterized the management of the human, material and financial resources of the kings court and of the kingdom, the queen exclaimed in awe: “But I didn’t believe the reports until I came and my own eyes had seen it, and behold, half the greatness of your wisdom was not told me; you surpass the report that I heard” (2 Chronicles 9:6).
As no man who ever fought for a noble cause or attained greatness, did so without surmounting great challenges, Dr. Enenche’s life in ministry has been characterized by great sacrifice. He has literally lived a Spartan life of prayer and fasting, studying the Bible and documenting and accordingly communicating instructions he received from God to the people. He attributes part of the discipline he was able to display later in life to the strict regimen his mother subjected him and his siblings to during their childhood. His mother, he said led him to know Christ early in life, woke him and his siblings up very early, every morning, to pray.
Drifting away from the truth
At a time when Nigeria appears to be drifting away from the truth, blown by strong political winds, which threaten the nation’s unity, when many, who ought to be speaking up against the ills in the country had gone mute, Dr. Enenche has become a voice against oppression. He has led prayers for unity and peace in Nigeria, and has also strongly condemned and spoken against the wanton destruction of lives and properties, allegedly being perpetrated by Fulani herdsmen, mostly in states in North Central Nigeria. He has remained immune to the criticism of his detractors carrying out his assignment with uncommon passion.
Another very unique quality of Dr. Enenche is his humorous side. Words appear to come quite naturally to him, as often in the middle of his messages, he blends English, native and pidgin words to form sounds that help illustrate a point he wishes to communicate to his audience. This has endeared him to many.
Dr. Enenche was trained as a medical doctor, and after a short stint at medical practice answered the call of God to full ministry in 1996. He was born to the family of Chief D.E Enenche, the paramount ruler of Orokam, in Ogbadigbo, Benue State. He is married to Dr. Becky Enenche, a trained medical doctor and co pastor of the commission, with whom he has four wonderful children.
We celebrate a father and a rare gift to mankind.

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