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Sapphire Gospel is an online international ministry, the ministry has been working hard to reach out for lost souls and restore them to their Creator, through available means seeking to provide applicable, educational, Christian content to Gods children all over the world regardless of their location and where they are in their respective spiritual journeys. we are diversified in all kinds of content

such as

  • The teaching of Gods words
  • Success teaching
  • Life experiences from personal stories
  • FactSaying Quotes.
  • Sexual Awareness and Education
  • Health Benefits and many more.

Making a big impact, and so on, we are here to encourage develop and improve the life's of others

and bringing sermons and teachings from preachers all around the world.

We believe that the Christian faith isn’t just for going to Church but what you read, see, believe, and act upon it; our faith informs every issue we face every day of the week. We want to provide content to people who are seeking to determine what living Christianity day-to-day means in their own lives.

Our motto: Get change Getting change. - advancing the Kingdom of God.

Our goals at Sapphire Gospels are to encourage and challenge you, to help you worship and help you think, to give you the practical application of Scripture as well as positive shared testimonies and honest struggles. We strive to provide timely information on everything from Marriage, Parenting, and Family issues, to Bible Study, Prayer, and Spiritual Growth

You should not expect to agree with everything you read on Sapphire Gospels but think and meditate upon it. Christians often disagree on how to apply the principles of the Bible to the issues we face today. But you can expect to encounter biblical teaching, discussion of the latest trending topics, vibrant video, and a wealth of information meaningful to the Christian life with an emphasis on building community and preserving Christian fellowship.

We'd love to hear from you. Please feel free to send us your comments, questions, writing inquiries and feedback via our Contact us

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We hope and we are sure you will be a good contributor and reader to Sapphire Gospel. be sure and be aware that we will serve you better.

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