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Sapphire Gospel an online international religious ministry that has been working hard to reach out for lost souls and restoring them back to their creator through available means seeking to provide applicable, educational and entertaining content to followers of Jesus Christ regardless of their location.

Are you an author or writer out there with a life changing publications or write ups you can contribute to Sapphire Gospels. do you wish to make change, encourage and develop people all over the world. then you are in the right place we accept content from trusted persons written by you or someone else and acknowledge by the author.

we accept content such as.
  • teaching of the word of God
  • success teaching
  • sex teaching
  • personal stories
  • entertainment
  • inspirational quotes written by you
we are diversify in all type of  life changing content.
we sponsor and accept sponsor post to our site interested ones should contact us via the contact link or send us direct mail. see below for the email.

you can also support/donate to our works with resources  we will be glad to receive you at our hands

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or send your mail to indicating your subject.

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