Lesson from God Part 1

Sapphire gospels

By D.C Don 


One day I asked God this question during my personal retreat.

What Do You Really Look For Before You Can Really Trust A Man?



My dear son, it is not enough to have desire for me, it is not enough to pay the outward price that is visible as it were such as consecration, sacrifice, prayer and fasting, seed, hard work, mentorship, honor etc

It takes more than them all before I can trust you enough to put something heavy on you that have the capacity to command the attention of the world.

If you want to catch the attention of heaven to the point that I will be practically committed to you, then you must give attention to this thing on a consistent basis

Do you think the most powerful group of people; men and women of influence in my kingdom are powered primarily by the out ward laws you term as PRICE OF GREATNESS? Well the truth is this. 

I look first at the PRINCIPLE OF THE HEART CONDITION. Yes the state of the heart is the most powerful force in a man’s life that determines the extent they will do business with Me in this kingdom of light


Your heart determines what comes on you from heaven

Your heart determines how I will bless you

Heart is what distinguishes people before me

It is the primary key that brings you out to be lavished with grace and power

Heart determines your flight. 

Paying attention primarily to the state of your heart is the first wisdom in the school of greatness in My kingdom.

Your heart will either qualify you for authentic auction or not

Your heart will qualify you for kingdom influence or not, no matter how hard you work other laws

I am the Lord and I see through men for by me actions are weighed.

It was what I saw in David that drew my attention to him

It was what I saw in the ancient men that has walked this earth with so much grace

I am not partial, the state of your heart is the distinguishing factor

What Then Is The Component Of Healthy Heart Condition Lord?

God’s Answer

A heart that is absolutely dependent on My Ability

There are many who think that it is by their qualification that they must be blessed by me

They think it is by their acquired skill that heaven must respond to them

They think it is because they are giving, tithing, praying with fasting that I must bless and prosper them in their area

They think it is because they have burnt their life over the years in the activities of ministry that qualifies them primarily for increase

they think it is primarily because they read books and study the bible that qualifies them for wisdom and power in My kingdom. 

As important as it is to practice them. 

They will not profit you much if your motive is wrong. If your heart is not in alignment with me

Listen it is not by hard work but right work and right work is to work from within. My Spirit must touch your heart before you touch your sphere and gain mastery 

My son, give me your heart if I must trust you PROVERB 23:26

What is really in your heart my dear friend? Do you think that it is because of your works God will be moved. A thousand times no! 

If your heart is not right, you are not qualified for more of God. You must pay attention to your heart condition.

Please Pray now

Ps 139:23-24

Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts:

And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.

Oh Lord deal with my heart, search my heart and know my ways. Purge me from every kind of self confidence in Jesus name

I declare from today I depend entirely on the grace and might of The Holy Spirit in all I do

May God help us all

The Church is matching forward

The gates of hell cannot prevail


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