The White Horse

The white horse


Rev 6:2... And I saw, and behold a WHITE HORSE: and he that sat on him had a BOW, and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.

Notice John was in the Spirit and was shown a WHITE HORSE. The White Horse speaks of the Lord Jesus Himself being revealed in the power of HIS RIGHTEOUS HOLY POWER--- Here HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS is being made known by the using of the spiritual color..... WHITE. His righteous power, his almighty holiness, and purity--his setting apart for the use of his Father brought the manifestation of great Kingdom power. What set him apart and places him higher in anointing and power is this..... he hates sin because of the death and destruction that it brings to his people... And he loves righteousness because of His love and devotion unto His Father.

The spiritual symbol of the HORSE here goes perfect with the righteous holiness of the Lord Jesus. Therefore HORSE here in the spirit bespeaks of the power that is appropriated unto him as a result of his holy, his righteous uprightness before His Father. So John is seeing into the realm of the heavens of the Spirit of Truth... And he sees a "WHITE HORSE" which is communicating a spiritual revelation of the Lord Jesus Himself in the POWER OF HIS HOLINESS AND PURITY.

Notice John is seeing in heavenly vision..... him that rides--sets upon the WHITE HORSE---reveals Jesus is living in, moving in, having his being in the HOLINESS AND POWER OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD... Also, he has in the midst of his life--his being A BOW... This BOW bespeaks the spiritual reality of A LIFE COMPLETELY BOUND AND MADE WITH "IN DIVINE COVENANT-AGREEMENT AND ONENESS with His Heavenly Father..... Jesus declares if you have SEEN ME..... you have SEEN MY FATHER..... because there is a divine agreement... A BOW OF DIVINE COVENANT ..... BETWEEN US.... we are bound together.... we are one.... in plan, purpose, in will in thought, in action..... because I am living in the midst of "A DIVINE BOW".... Jesus is riding and moving in the realms of the heavens.... riding on a WHITE HORSE OF HOLINESS AND POWER.... as he is revealing and showing forth the power of A BOW.... a oneness covenant with His Father.....

Blessings All...

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