Our Father, I pray for everyone who loves this country that you have given us to live in and to possess, especially those who make sacrifices for her with hope, and who speak good over her.

I pray that You will bless them, bless their children, their homes, and all that is theirs.

I pray that Your favour will surround them. That the earth will yield its increase for them.

Just as Isaac sowed in the land, and in the same year reaped a hundredfold, let their seeds bear much fruit. Let their stores be overflowing with goods.

Grant Father, that their investments will flourish, that it will produce and hundredfold, and be again multiplied till it is counted in hundreds of millions and billions.

Let the heavens bring forth rain in due season for their fields. Let the policies of the government favour them.

Let, O Lord, those who hate them be disappointed. Let those who laugh at them end up with mouths open in amazement at their prosperity.

Father, let theirs sons flourish in their youth

like well-nurtured plants, and their daughters be like graceful pillars, carved to beautify a palace.

Let evil men not find them. Protect them from accidents, kidnappers, and robbers. Keep them safe at home and on the highways. Heal their diseases so they will live in peace to celebrate your goodness.

Most importantly, Lord, fill them with the knowledge of Your will, in all spiritual wisdom and understanding. Make them walk in a manner worthy of You, to please You in all respects, to bear fruit in every good work, and to increase in the knowledge of You.

I ask all these in Jesus' name.

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