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Objective: Identifying wisdom keys for preservation:
1samuel 18vs20.
_WISDOM KEYS TO PRESERVATION _ by Dr pastor Paul enenche
1.Maintain a clear conscience to secure your life and destiny. 1peter 📖 3vs13 📖 Pro 28:1.
I like you to know that Righteousness is the sponsor of boldness. Take note 📝. When your conscience is clear/aright there's nothing to fear, the preservation power of God is with you. leviticus 📖 23:13
Righteousness is equals to uprightness.
2. Avoid the wrong company to avert calamity.proverbs 📖13vs20.
 Take note 📝 :
 your association can either facilitate your preservation or accelerate your destruction. Choose your friends wisely.
Proverbs 1:19
Any money that is not acquire legally can lead you to destruction.
Don't let anyone use you for illegal purpose.
Prayer: Lord Jesus help me to be a better Christian, help me to maintain a financial integrity, deliver me from crooked ways. I ask for wisdom and preservation, And let me know you more I just have one life to live and it must glorify you. Amen.

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