Signs that you are going to be successful Success isn’t math. You can’t exactly add and subtract to tell who and who wouldn’t be successful or achieve great things in life, but you can tell from obvious signs and a person’s attitude to life how well or far they’ll go in pursuit of success.

I have put together a quick list of factors that may be considered perfect for success. If you show any of these signs, it’s more likely than not that you’ll be a successful person.


‘Show me your friends, and I’ll show you who you are.’ That statement is no lie. You are in the very long run a reflection of the company you keep. You can’t keep negative company, and expect positivity. And you can’t keep positive people around you, and turn out to be a reflection of negativity. It’s almost impossible. Having successful people around you gives you the kind of motivation you need to keep going regardless of what you may encounter on that chase for success. The right friends will feed you with the right information to help you get where you should be.


There are opportunities everywhere, waiting to be taken advantage of. The reason a lot of people aren’t successful isn’t because they don’t have ideas to make money, the reason is because they do not know to apply the things they have conceived. Stop waiting for someone to come give you the remainder of your startup capital, start with what you have. Apply that idea you have today. Do not doubt its viability.


Success is never easy to come by. They say ‘nothing good comes easy.’ There may be a few people who seem to have made it without that much hard work, but it’s not like that most of the time. Success doesn’t happen by accident. You have to work and prepare for it. Success achieved by accident will vanish by accident. If you want something, you have to go for it.

Act like you want it, do not throw in the towel. The difference between successful people and unsuccessful sometimes is in the amount of effort put into their respective crafts.

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