The danger of comparison and competition.


For we dare not make ourselves of the number,"or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves": but they measuring themselves by themselves,"and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise. 2 Corinthians 10":12

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: To accept people’s clap and become complacent is to be clapped out of relevance and existence.

Competition has been confirmed to be one of the things that limit greatness in life. It is the act of doing everything with the sole intention of outdoing others.

But it is important to note that God did not call us into competition,"comparison and rivalry but unto complementing and completing one another. Therefore, to operate in competition is to operate outside the Will of God.

Competition goes hand-in-hand with another negative habit, and that is comparison. Comparison goes before competition. Now, one of the dangers of comparison is that it gives you a false arrival mentality. When you compare yourself with mediocre people, you would end up as a champion in mediocrity instead of mourning average existence. A butterfly can only call itself a bird in the company of flies. It is wrong mind-set for a person who is driving a Mercedes car to boast of overtaking a Volkswagen car.

Beloved, God measures your progress by matching your productivity with your potential; God compares what you do with what you are capable of doing.

Do not compare yourself with people; they may not have your potential. You may look alike facially with some people but there are differences between your potentials and theirs.

Your last success should be your worst enemy; do not allow success tie you down. No level of success should make you feel as though you have arrived. To accept people’s clap and become complacent is to be clapped out of relevance and existence.

My counsel is, instead of moving about with an average mentality celebrating what you should not tolerate, live at your best by releasing your full potentials.

Remember this": To accept people’s clap and relax is to be clapped out of relevance and existence.

1. Do no compare yourself with people.
2. Do not settle down with your last success or achievement.
3. Always take a step forward in releasing your potential

PRAYER: O Lord,"I reject the spirit of competition and comparison in my life. Give me the grace not to settle down in my last success but to move forward in life, Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

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