She Blamed God and Turned to Alcohol

Janine* was raised in church and her father was a Sunday school teacher, but she had drifted far from the Lord. She was in deep financial trouble and, when her son died of a drug overdose, she blamed God and turned to alcohol. Her family “prayed her into Alcoholics Anonymous,” but she refused to go near a church.
As her family continued to pray, she came across SFJ’s online Know Jesus discipleship course and decided
to give it a try. The five-lesson course explores what it means to know Christ and live as a Christian. The first few lessons sparked a desire in Janine to get back to a relationship with God, but she had to drop her home internet access as part of her struggle to get out of debt.
Determined to continue, she completed the course over the next two months by visiting places with free Wi-Fi. Her online coach, named Ann, said her spiritual growth during that time was astounding.
“Her desire to study Scripture and develop a relationship with Jesus made my heart sing!” Ann said. Janine finally decided to attend church with her brother, and her desire to get involved keeps growing.
*Name changed to protect privacy.
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