The Unity of Christians ~ (speaking in tongues)

by Bobdoe Richard
When the world is full of diverse kinds of language it causes disunity and commotion among inhabitants of the earth.
Because God is unity and unity is in God.
So, therefore, unity is constantly under attack. Majorly among God's peoples. God needed to unite his creation together in one accord to worship him, therefore he sent his son Jesus to redeem and unite us. But still, the disunity has not been solved because the children of God still speaks the divers' language, because unity must be bound in Christianity, a solution has to come for us to be United in one accord.

It was solved by Jesus through the Holy Spirit.
And there came about the speaking in tongues for God's peoples on the day of Pentecost this was the baptism of the holy ghost to unite God's peoples to speak in one language to God.
And that language is the "speaking in tongues".
As the body of Christ is a concern we members of the body must speak in one language, in unity, and in one accord has it pleased God.

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