MUSINGS OF A MENTOR AT 65 YEARS Godly Principles for Life and Ministry What are these? These 5 principles represent 17 years of mission work in Africa, 38 years of marriage, 40 plus years of ministry in my 65 years of life. Thanks for joining me to consider these Bible based treasures. Principle #1 A Christian’s Identity is in Jesus Christ 1) The conventional wisdom on our personal identity. 2) The biblical standard for personal identity – Philippians 3:3-11. 3) Implication of us in life and ministry – How is the reality of Christ seen in us? Principle #2 A Christian’s Maturity is in the Word of God 1) Recognizing our Source Authority – 2 Tim. 3:16-17. 2) Avoiding the 21st Century Substitutes. 3) Prioritizing the Word in Life & Ministry Principle #3 A Christian’s Missionality is in Relationships 1. The Great Commission Implies Relationships – Matt. 28:18-20. 2. Church Ministry Must Stress Relationships 1. With God 2. With People Principle #4 A Christian’s Sanity is in Sanctified Common Sense 1) A Recurring Core Question – 2) The Beauty of the Divine Partnership – Phil. 2:13 3) The Importance of Partnership in Life and Ministry Principle #5 A Christian’s Destiny is in a Glorious Future 1) The Forward-Looking Posture of the Believer I Cor. 2:9 – Phil. 4:13-14 2) The Future Gives Strength through Our Stresses - Heb. 12:2 3) The Future at All Stages...Become Benchmarks of Progress... a. Daily Holiness b. Ministry Goals c. Spiritual Progress in Our Children d. Our Ultimate Future in Heaven

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