How Dunamis church started - Dr Paul Enenche Story.

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The story of Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche, the beginning and successfullness of his ministry Dunamis international gospel center. 

Read below how God called and directed him to quit his medical career him and his wife to start preaching the gospel leaving Jos Nigeria to Abuja.

I quit my Medical practice, packed my bag, alongside my wife, who is also a Medical Doctor and our few Months old baby. We left our 3bedroom flats in Jos and all the openings we had to work and further our education abroad, and moved into 1room in Abuja, to answer God’s call to be fulltime preachers and teachers of the Word. People thought we were crazy for spending all those years in Medical school and dropping it for the Pulpit.

And now, Dunamis International Gospel Centre is 16 years. We have experienced His Almightiness, His faithfulness and His Hand upon our lives and Ministry. The Ministry started like a Mustard seed and has exploded to touch every single continent of the world. Our secret? PRAISE.

Hear this: The distance between where
you are and where you want to be
can be covered by your praise. Take this from me: If God has laid His hand on you and on your destiny, it has no possibility of failure. If God has promised you anything, it will surely come to pass. I pray for you today, that what God has done for this Church, He will do for you in Jesus Name.

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