Perhaps one of the most important duties of angels is to bring the answer to people’s prayers or execute God’s answer to prayers in the natural realm. ANGELS CAN BE SENT TO DELIVER THE ANSWERS TO YOUR PRAYERS.. ”Are they not all ministering spirits sent forth to minister for those who will inherit salvation?” (Heb. 1:7,14) You have angels that are assigned to minister to you this way...


The English word angel is translated from the New Testament Greek word aggelos which literally means “messenger or courier" Many ordinary people will begin to experience this kind of angelic ministry in this season.... 

And you are one of them, in Jesus' name! Let me share some testimonies of people with you to help you see how to work with angels in prayer. "One night I was working on some miniature paintings when my friend Sue Burnopp—Mrs. Sue—called me. She told me that her grandson had been in a bad car accident in Florida. Her daughter needed to get an airline ticket to fly to be at his side. Mrs. Sue asked me to join in prayer with her according to the principle of Matthew 18:19. As she told me this, the Lord whispered into my ear, “You can release the angel of provision, to go and make a way for her daughter to get a ticket.” As she told me about the situation, I said a little heart’s prayer and did as the Lord had instructed, releasing the angel of provision to go in the name of Jesus. We began to pray and had prayed only about 30 seconds when she stopped and said, “I’m getting a beep; it may be my daughter. Let me check, and then we will finish praying.” I waited on the line for about two minutes while she took the call. While I waited, I also prayed and was actually giving the Lord glory for the airline ticket that He had “already provided.” When Sue got back on the line, she was excited! “Praise God! That was my daughter! She got the ticket! The airline just called her and gave her a ticket; she is leaving for Florida in the morning!” To be honest, I was stunned. 

Later, I realized that when the Lord spoke to me telling me to release the angel of provision, incredible miracles happened..." From Kelvin Basconi

Angels are always around us.... Just like the picture of Dag HewardMills I posted here... When you meet impossible situations, bow your head in prayer and make a request for the release of angelic assistance...

The Lord is always ready to hear us. Last week, I got a call... From Lagos. We are to pray. Someone is preparing for a promotional exams. But the problem is that his graduation from the university will be next and without his results, he won't write the exam in his office... He made a request that we should pray so that the exam be shifted to allow him have his results ready. The Lord told me to engage the angels of time. I did that exactly, praying that the exam be shifted. Today I got a call. The exam was not shifted but the result came out earlier than expected... Hallelujah! Right now, he is eligible to write the promotional exams in his office.... 


With faith in your heart, angels can be sent to perform impossible tasks Let me share with you another testimony On one such occasion, Andrew Pearkes had to travel from Exeter to Dudley, about a three-and-a-half hour drive, to attend a conference. Andrew decided to leave the first thing in the morning at about 7 as he had to get there by 10:30 A.M. As he was about to leave, he picked up the car keys from the dining room table and drove off in his car toward Bristol. When he was near Bristol, he noticed that he was low on fuel, so he pulled off the highway into a service station. As he was at the fuel pump starting to remove the cap, he discovered that there was no key to open the fuel tank on the key ring! He went to ask the owner if they had any spare keys to fit the lock on his cap. The man gave Andrew a cardboard box which contained about 50 fuel cap keys. Andrew returned to the car and tried the various keys, but none opened the lock. Feeling defeated, Andrew stood up straight and placed his elbows on the roof of the car. He called out to the Lord. *“Father, Your Word says that You are my ever-present help in times of trouble. Lord, I am in trouble, and I need help …* Help,” he declared, quoting Psalm 46:1. Andrew said that immediately after he had prayed, he turned to see a man emerge from behind a white metal building about 200 feet (60 meters) away. As this man dressed in normal clothes approached Andrew, he noticed that the man had a key in his right hand! Andrew said, “He had the most amazing and beautiful smile as he approached me, full of peace and love. The man came to the car and opened the cap with his key. Then he looked up and smiled at him. He didn’t talk, even though he asked him his name, and then he turned and walked away around the back of the same building. The amazing thing was that in his hand he had the right key!” *Andrew knew this man was an angel, and he thanked the Lord who was truly His ever-present help in time of trouble.

One day, some years ago.... We had pastors conference at Enugu stadium. We actually ended late. Two of our senior pastors had to leave late to make sure that everything is in place. By the time they were ready to go, there was no bus again that night... Then They SAY a simple prayer and asked the Lord for help. After like 5 minutes, here comes a bus. The driver asked where are they going, they said "New Haven"... The driver told them that he was going to New Haven too. This was around 1am. When they reached at Assemblies Of God bus stop at New Haven, they alighted. Then they came down, they thanked the man.... As they wanted to look back again at the bus, behold, there was no bus, nor the driver nor any body on the road. They were the only ones on the road. What really happened? The Lord sent an angel to drive them home. Amazing things happen in the name of Jesus... If you don't know about these dimension of God, You might not enjoy... This is why the Lord have instructed us to study on angels because somebody is about to enter into these realms Let me share another testimony about the Angel of Provision "In June 2003, I had been led by the Lord to apply for a discipleship program with a well-known ministry. I had only one small problem. The program was an investment of $25,000, and I had $25. However, I trusted the Lord to provide the funds. During that time, I was in ministry with my friend Charlie Robinson. We were at Extreme Church in Las Vegas. Charlie preached, and I helped to pray for the sick. As I raised my hands in worship that morning on July 6, 2003, I began to feel the “winds blow” around my head, and I smelled the wonderful aroma of frankincense—I knew angels were close at hand. My concentration on Jesus’ presence was broken by His voice. Jesus said, “Kevin, I want to show you something.” Without opening my eyes or losing focus, I replied, “OK, Lord, what do you wish for me to see?” Instantly I saw a football field. The football field was massive, perhaps miles in length and width. It was brilliant green and marked with the yard lines. Suddenly, the lines began to dance and move in the “eyes of my heart.” The eyes of my understanding were opened or enlightened to see what Jesus had for me as an inheritance that morning. This was the “seer anointing” at work. The lines of the football field continued a metamorphosis and were transformed into a huge $5,000 bill. In this vision, I also saw the Lord Jesus standing by and smiling at me. Christ looked like a proud father about to give a small child a new bicycle on Christmas morning. The Lord was beaming with pleasure. The same four angels I had seen before were now standing behind Christ Jesus. The angels seemed quite happy to be witnessing all this transpire. The Lord pointed, and the lines of the bill began to dance around in the vision. In an instant, the supernatural currency was transformed again. Only this time it reassembled a $20,000 bill! I said, “Lord, I know that there is no such thing as a $5,000 bill, and I know that there is no such thing as a $20,000 bill. Lord, what am I seeing?” The Lord said, “Kevin, those are two checks. They are the monies you need for the discipleship program. Pray for them now. Loose the angel of provision to go forth and release them from the realms of Heaven.” “OK, Lord,” I said. And I began to pray a brief prayer something like, “Father, in the name of Jesus, I loose the angels of provision to go forth and bring in these two checks. I call in the check for $5,000 to manifest and come forth; I call in the check for $20,000 to manifest and to come forth, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.” Jesus smiled at me again, and I saw one of the angels scamper away. Just as quickly as the vision began it was over. However I had a “knowing” that the Lord would certainly supply the monies for the discipleship program. After returning home, I was praying when I got a phone call from a man from the West Coast. I did not know the person very well. He told me that he and his wife had been praying for me, and they believed that they were being led by the Lord to “sow into the discipleship program on my behalf.” I was stunned as he told me this. He went on to say that they were going to give $5,000. Seventy-two hours later I received another phone call from the West Coast. The person told me that they had been praying and that the Lord had been speaking to them about the discipleship program. A lump formed in my throat. The person said, “The Lord had been telling me to help you. Honestly, I have been disobedient … I was supposed to call you three days ago about this, but I wanted to be sure. How much money do you need for the discipleship program?” My mind was racing. How on earth could I tell this person that I needed $20,000? Suddenly, the Holy Spirit whispered into my left ear, “Just tell them what you need.” I took a deep breath and said, “I still need twenty thousand.” A short silence hung in the air, and then they said, “That is the exact amount that I heard from the Lord. Where do you want me to send the monies?” I was speechless. “Hello? Are you still there?” We talked for a few more minutes, but I am not sure what I said. I was in a state of shock. The Lord had done it. The two checks that Jesus had shown me in the vision were actually given to me within 96 hours of Sunday, July 6, 2003. The angel of provision had worked quickly and efficiently. God has instructed and allowed me to release this angel of provision on more than one occasion. I was accepted for the discipleship program on July 7. This is an area of angelic ministry that is available to anyone at this hour.

The key to this kind of angelic ministry is to have intimacy and friendship with Jesus From Kelvin Basconi The key to this of angelic ministry is to have intimacy and friendship with Jesus On releasing Angels I have discovered that angels are not under your authority... They are under the authority of Jesus Christ... Therefore don't try to Lord over them... It's not necessary. The most effective way to release them is to go under the authority of Jesus... You can ask Jesus to send them... Not you trying to shout "I command angels to go now".... It doesn't work by shouting Simple ask our Lord to send them. And He will send them ANGELS ARE SENT Angels are sent to minister or to serve you or to help you...

In the spirit of humility, when you need them, ask The Lord to send them to help you.

 You can misplace a document.... You can ask the Lord to send them to recover the document.

 They are very fast. Faster then light

 If you need provision, specifically ask for the Angel of Provision....

 If you need something that can be manipulated or controlled by time.... Engage the angel of time.

 If you want an appointment to be cancelled in your favour, ask the Lord to send the angel of time Another time, we will look at the angel of healing..

 Whatever you need, there's an angel in control of that...

 Any issues that required the intervention of heaven.... Ask the Lord to send his angels Man(mortal) is limited... Immortals are not every limitations of man have a solution in the supernatural... Check your limitations, there's a supernatural solution to it.... That's why you are A new creature The only thing that the Supernatural cannot do are issues that doesn't require the intervention of heaven. Stop being natural... When you have a supernatural father It's an error for you to be under the same limitations as mere men... You are not ordinary. The Lord lives in you. Always Ask WHAT you

bless you all... I love you guys.

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