Let me say this to you on this wise, that you can begin now to start activating the prophetic streams from within your belly, coming out of dormancy, into the front line of what God is doing in the earth today. You can move from pathetic to prophetic and declare a new sound in this generation. But it starts within your belly and mouth. 

  TO ACTIVATE SOMETHING is to start it off, trigger it, or set it in motion. 

Prophetic activations are spiritual exercises that use words, actions, phrases, objects, Scripture verses, worship songs and dance, prophetic prayers, and more to trigger the prophetic gifts and help believers in every area of life and ministry to flow freely as they are commissioned to release God’s word in the earth. They set in motion prophetic utterances, songs, and movement that will bring great blessing to the members of local churches and ministries and the world. Activations are designed to break down the barriers that hinder and prevent people from operating in prophecy. These barriers include-fear, doubt, timidity, and ignorance. Activations rekindle and fan the flame of ministries that have become stagnant in the prophetic flow. Without prophetic Activation, You can't flow in prophetic frequencies. You might ask, but I don't have the gift of prophecy, so do I need activation? Another might ask, but am not Even a prophet, do I need activation of the gift of prophecy? The gift of prophecy is not only for those that are called to be prophets. Then it also interests you to know that you do not need the gift to prophesy. How do I mean. Who's the giver of the gift? Answer : Holy Spirit Then what gift did you receive when you got born again? Answer: Holy Spirit Therefore, Do you need a gift when you have the giver of the gift living inside? If the giver is inside you, automatically the gifts. All the gifts of the Spirit are resident down inside you Oh my God. What you lack is not gifts of the Spirit. What you lack is the activation of the gifts. Prophetic activations will ignite you to prophesy. Motionless churches need to be set in motion. Prophetic activations can get us moving again. That is why I would remind you to stir up (rekindle the embers of, fan the flame of, and keep burning) the [gracious] gift of God, [the inner fire] that is in you by means of the laying on of my hands [with those of the elders at your ordination]. —2 TIMOTHY 1:6, AMPC When you get activated, You will begin to see your Christianity in different light. Saints should enjoy moving in the things of the Spirit. The value of different activations is that they will break your limitations and give you the ability to operate in different ways. Don’t be limited to your favorite way, but move in different ways and administrations. So this weekend, will be talking about Activations. God has many surprises for us, and the prophetic will always release new things. This is because the prophetic captures movements in heaven. It's not just visionary. But video formats too. The prophetic captures the current streams that flows from the river of God We need training, and sometimes correction, in operating in prophecy. Activations provide a safe environment to help people learn how to operate in excellence in this important area. Although prophecy comes from God, it is released through human vessels, and therefore it can be tainted and sometimes delivered inaccurately. As 2 Corinthians 4:7 says, “We have this treasure in earthen vessels.” Prophetic activations are not designed to make everyone a prophet—only God can call and commission a prophet. Activations are simply designed to stir people to grow in whatever level they are called to. There may be people participating and leading activations who are prophets, some with the gift of prophecy, and some who have the spirit of prophecy as a result of being filled with the Holy Ghost, but there also may be people who are psalmists, minstrels, Intercessors, counsellors, preachers, teachers, and dancers in the activations.

  There are 3 dimensions to the gifts of prophecy:

 A. The Office of the Prophet.
 B. The Gift of prophecy
 C. Prophecy as a result of being filled with the Holy Spirit. 

 Every believer is in one dimension or the other. Prophetic activations will also raise the prophetic level in a church, region, or territory. The prophetic level is measured by how many mature prophets are ministering in a region, how many believers are operating prophetically in a region, how many churches are operating in the prophetic in a region, and the level of prophetic intercession and worship in a region. I hope you know that when we talk of prophecy, we are not talking about calling people's phone numbers and all those stuff. The Prophetic is far beyond that. We are talking about being the kind of believer that knows, sees, hears and declares the heart of God to his or her generation.
That's what we mean Revelations about a person's situation can be categorized mainly under Word Of Knowledge. We cannot teach people how to prophesy, but we can help them to hear the voice of God and speak the words they hear with faith and confidence. Prophetic activations should be done in a loving environment where people feel comfortable. The Activation we are talking about is gaining and sustaining the ability to hear from God, listen to Him, and speak what you hears with faith in your heart. When you participate in prophetic activations, you will see a new momentum in your prophetic flow. Paul admonishes the church to desire to prophesy (1 Cor. 14:1) and “covet to prophesy” (1 Cor. 14:39, KJV), Even those who have experience in the prophetic can benefit from activations. Sometimes people need to be restored and rekindled. We can become dormant in our gifts. 
 We need to continually stir up these gifts

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