There are a multitude of healing angels that are

available to

us... We need to know how to engage them Healing Angels are those that ministry healing to us here on earth or those whose primary assignment is to bring healing Angels have different duties assigned to them by the Lord.

Some are warring angels, others are praise and worship angels, others are for healing, deliverance, provisions, protection, etc

As we will look at some testimonies, you will be given glimpses into the way angels help people pray for healing and touch others who need healings and miracles.

The Lord has healing angels that are assigned to you


"Kathy and I were in Redding, California, to attend a conference at Bethel Church in 2004. We had also been invited to speak at the Church of the Redeemed. I was praying in Pastor Tim Moore’s office and waiting on the Lord. I locked the door and purposed in my heart that unless the Holy Spirit gave me some direction for the service, I would just stay in the office all morning.

I never did get any direction Finally the worship stopped, and I could hear Pastor Tim speaking, but I continued to lay on the floor waiting on the Lord. Finally there was a knock at the door, and I was asked to come and  speak. I did not feel prepared when I walked into the service.

I did not have any leading as to what the Lord wanted me to say or how I was to minister.

The reason for this became very clear in about two minutes. I was just about to share my testimony when I suddenly felt the anointing and fire began to shoot through my left arm and hand.

I realized that an angel had just stepped into the room, and I realized the Lord had something else in mind. I sensed that this was the same angel that I had been seeing in other healing services. I thought, Lord, what do You want me to do here? The Holy Spirit said, “The angel is here to help you pray for the deaf and the others who need a miracle in this place.” So I stopped in mid-sentence saying, “If you’re here today and you have deafness or partial

deafness, come to the front, and the Lord is going to heal you!"

"I was surprised to see seven people come to the front. When I stepped up to pray for the people, the angel moved to stand behind me.

As I placed my hand on the people’s ears, I could feel the angel place his hands on me shoulders. The angel did not always use both hands.

Sometimes he only put one hand on my shoulder, and at other times he would put two. When the angel stepped up behind me, I could feel a power, or electricity, course through my left arm and the hair on my body stood on end.

It felt like someone placed a full-length fur coat over my body—except the coat was electrified. We prayed for every deaf ear, and Jesus opened them all.

Some were only partially deaf. Others were totally deaf in one ear, and their deaf ear was completely restored according to their testimonies. We continued to pray for several others. Several with vision impairments were touched and reported that they could see well  after prayer. I continued to pray for the sick for the remainder of the service. After about 40 minutes, the electricity seemed to fade, and I knew that the angel had stepped out of the church.

I found it most comforting that the Lord sent the angel when I felt the weakest and most unprepared. Remembering that the Holy Spirit was not giving me any direction or Scriptures to use was actually the Lord’s way of saying that He had a better plan.

So again, this was a learning process. We were beginning to understand how the Holy Spirit and angelic ministry work in symphony. The angel was obviously sent to release healing to the people... "

Kelvin Boscani

God still uses healing angels today to minister to people. Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. God is Jehovah Rapha, the God who heals you Starting with the Israelites in Exodus 15:26, we see the Lord as a God of healing. Jehovah Rapha is the literal translation here that means, “… I AM THE


The Lord has also used angels to minister or release healing to people on a regular basis. We see an example of an angel used in the healing ministry

in JOHN 5:2-4:

Now there is in Jerusalem by the Sheep Gate a pool, which is called in Hebrew, Bethesda, having five porches. In these lay a great multitude of sick people, blind, lame, paralyzed, waiting for the moving of the water. For an angel went down at a certain time into the pool and stirred up the water; then whoever stepped in first, after the stirring of the water, was made well [healed] of whatever disease he had (John 5:2-4) This passage refers to an angel that brings,

imparts, or releases physical body healing. We do not know from Scripture how frequently the healing angel would stir the water. However, I believe that we can safely infer that the healings occurred at regular intervals; otherwise, the pool of Bethesda would not have been crowded Often the Lord will require us to perform an act of obedience to receive from the realms of Heaven. This can be true for miracles and healings, but this can also be true when it comes to having our eyes opened to see into the realms of the spirit.



"We have a friend who carries a powerful healing anointing. Dave shared a testimony about a healing angel that is quite amazing. Dave had been called by a friend who was suffering with an abscessed and painful toothache.

Dave agreed to pray for the person. They had been sitting in the living room and prayed for the toothache several times; however, there seemed to be little effect from the intense prayer ministry.

Dave is persistent when it comes to praying for the sick, but after several different approaches and attempts to heal this stubborn toothache, they had seen no real result, and the man’s  tooth seemed to ache all the more. In a bit of frustration, Dave released what I call a “heart’s prayer” and thought, Lord, I think that I am going to need some help on this one. A moment later Dave said that he saw a man walk “through the front door.”

The angel did not open the door, but rather passed through the material of the door, stepping into the hallway and walking right up to the man with the toothache.

Dave said that he saw the angel quite clearly and described his attire to me. The angel was wearing blue jeans, tennis sneakers, and a flannel shirt. The angel touched the man’s jaw and simply turned around and just disappeared. Instantly the man’s toothache was healed.

Sometimes when we ask for help, the Lord responds with angels!

Asking is another important and simple key to working with angels.*

Kelvin Boscani

Sometimes when we ask for help, the Lord responds with angels! Asking is another important and simple key to working with angels. Acknowledging the Ministry of angels is an important key and one of the first steps to working with angels.



PERU, 2004 There have been a few times when I have seen angels materialize and touch those who were being healed just like the last testimony. One of the first times that I witnessed an angel of healing ministering to an individual was in a  small city in Peru in 2004. During that service I was preaching from John 5. During a time of prayer prior to the service, the Holy Spirit told me to preach from John 5 because He wanted to show me something new. I was given instructions to prophesy that the Lord was going to release an anointing into the church like that of John 5. I was instructed by the Holy Spirit to tell the pastor and the congregation that many would come to the altar there and receive healing as the result of an angel of healing that the Lord would release to minister in the church, just like in John 5. I began to preach in this manner, and according to what I had “seen” in prayer. I also poured a generous amount of anointing oil on the altar.

I poured this oil in the exact spot that I had seen in a vision while I was in prayer prior to the meeting that Sunday morning. This was another prophetic act of obedience. I continued to preach from John 5, and after a  few minutes, an elderly woman stood up and slowly walked to the spot at the altar where I had poured the anointing oil.

As I glanced up from the Scriptures to see her approaching the altar, I noticed two things. The first thing I saw was that she was powerfully under the influence of the Holy Spirit. Tears of joy were streaming from her eyes. The next thing I saw astonished me, and I was filled with a great faith for the miraculous to break into the meeting. On the spot where I had anointed the altar there stood a large angel. He stood about 9 feet tall. The angel was not transparent as some I had seen in the past; rather, this angel was “full bodied,” or solid looking. This experience would be classified as an open-eyed angelic encounter. When the elderly woman came within arm’s length of the angel, he reached out with both of his hands and gently touched her eyes! Instantly the woman shrieked and fell to the floor. When the woman fell to the floor, the  angel bent over her and began to slowly rub his hands over her eyes.

I continued to preach from John 5 as the woman lay on the floor with the angel

ministering to her. Shortly after that, the woman began to stir and blink her eyes. She began to weep loudly, and streams of tears were rolling from her eyes. She shouted something in Spanish. I asked the pastor to get her testimony. I was anxious to hear what she would say after I had seen the angel ministering to her for the past several minutes.

At first the woman could not stop weeping, and I was told by the interpreter that she kept screaming, “I can see, praise God, I can see again.

I can see you all!” A little later, the elderly woman shared her testimony about what she had just experienced. She told the church that she had witnessed the angel enter the church through the ceiling and stand at the altar.

She decided to “be the first one in the water” because she understood that the angel healed the first one in the water at the Pool of Bethesda.

That is when she walked up to the angel that she was seeing at the altar, and he had touched her eyes.

Kelvin Boscani

✓These testimonies demonstrate how angels can affect the environment and can be used to release salvation, healing, and miracles.

• At times, the Lord releases healing angels with the ability to help people manifest creative miracles.

• There are angels who are specialist in surgery related cases... 

➢All we need to do is to ASK for them.

➢ASK the father, and they will be released

for your aid Certain angels carry an individual anointing for specific types of miracles. Some angels are empowered by the Lord to heal deaf ears, for example

Other angels may be empowered to release creative miracles like growing eyeballs or other missing body parts The Lord can dispatch these special miracle angels to the place where a specific miracle is needed to be released to a particular individual.


Another thing that I learned during this season is that creative miracles can at times be a process.

Sometimes the miracle manifests over an extended period of time.

It is important to understand this principle whether you are praying for miracles or are seeking to receive a creative miracle Sometimes miracles and healings are given as seeds and do not occur immediately.

However, if you are healed in one minute or in one week, the end result is the same.

Even though the healing angel might be present, when we pray, the angel’s presence might not guarantee an instant result. You should keep this in mind as you begin to work with God’s angels.

Creative miracles will become quite common in the coming season... We will begin to witness a miracle explosion throughout the earth. The Lord will accelerate the release of the mantle for creative miracles

• One of the tools the Lord will use to establish this is angelic ministry. Creative miracles will begin to flourish, and many people will be brought into the Kingdom of Heaven as a result. Anyone can work with angels today.

The Lord’s healing angels are waiting for you and me to activate them through the Holy Spirit in the mighty name of Jesus Christ The only requirements to walk in this dimension is to be born again and secondly to have knowledge And that knowledge is what you are receiving


bless you

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