You are born for something big

You are born for something big

 I want you to know that you are born for something big.

God did not bring you here without a purpose. You are not a biological accident. It was the question of who will I send to Earth to solve a world class problem that became the major reason for your being born in that family. 

When you align your self with God, He makes your life a wonder. 

Trust me the presence of God is what brings out your true potential. So quit the complain and get close to Him now. 

Listen to this:

You are the next kingdom financial giant that will replace bill gates and sponsor the end time gospel

The next kingdom movie star that will restore dignity and real values to the movie industry

The next Engr with excellence whose work will beat that of the Dubai Emirates for kingdom advance

The next Exceptionally Intelligent Teacher, Lecturer and Professor who will bring out the glory of Education in this nation and take the school system to the next level globally

The next foot ball star that will beat the likes of Ronaldo and Messi and use it as a platform not just to feed the poor and help the needy but to raise and mentor other footballers in the way of Christ

The next International Evangelist that will beat the record of billy Graham by the Spirit of God, take territories and recover lost grounds for God's Kingdom

The next and better Yongi Cho (the pastor of the world biggest church) that will discipline principalities in high places and produce pastors after God's heart

The next Emotional healer and burden lifter than TD Jake's that will restore hope and dreams to the downcast and depressed individuals

The next relationship and marriage Doctor that will bring healing to wounded life's and restore the glory of marriage for kingdom advance

The next International pilot that will fly Kings and nobles and use it a platform to reach out to them for Christ

The next Richest Enterpreneur that will humble the likes of Dangote, Robert kiyoski etc and proof to them that With Jesus all things are possible even as you draw them to Christ

The next award winning music artist that will show the likes of Timaya, tiwa Savage, flavor, Davido, Wizkid etc that they are simply decieved by Satan in using their God given talent as satanic evangelists advancing hell (believe me those guys are good guys but just decieved by Satan and Jesus is seriously in need of their souls)

The next kingdom influencer that will beat the likes of Joseph of Arimathea who can influence government policies for the body of Christ

The next Kingdom comedian that will proof to the likes of okey bakessey, basket mouth etc that you don't need to crack dirty jokes to make people laugh. I have seen a guy who use jokes for evangelism to prison inmates and get them saved. It tell the truth, I lie not and my concience bears me witness in the Holy Ghost

The next best students in your school or institution who will use it as a platform to lift up the name of Christ in public and draw souls to Heaven

You can come out of that cultism

You can come out of that lesbianism or same sex marriage

Who told you is not possible to be free from witchcraft and mamaid kingdom. WITH THE LORD JESUS ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE

You are not dull. No no no!

You are a bright student who have refused to believe in him/her self. You are loaded!

You are not a bad wife or husband even if your spouse or anyone called you that. Proof them wrong by walking the way of Christ. Trust me it works.

You are not a rebel, proof them wrong by walking the way of agape

You are the best in town and there is no other like you. No one has the same finger print no matter how twinny you are with them. That means you are born original and you are God's designers made

What ever it is, you can be the best for Jesus

Never doubt what God has said to you

Never doubt what He has deposited in you

You may not look like it now but trust me just hold his hands and he will lead you to your global destiny.

Never loose guard

Never drop that vision no matter what you have been through

Just Hold The Hands of The Holy Spirit and He will bring the beauty inside you to limelight

For those who think being born again as a young person is outdated and not the real thing

You are all in error and in deception.

Jesus is the only reason for living.

Give Him a chance and watch how He colours your life.

I have tasted Him and I can tell you this; He is the sweetest ever. The sweetness to my soul!

He is available for all including you!

Repeat this words now!

I am born to success

I am born for glory

I am no longer a slave to sin and fear

I will no disappoint God and my generation

I am a kingdom addicted agent of Jesus

No matter what I see now or where I am now

They are just part of my story of success to tell

I know who I am

I am the apple of God's eyes

Now I pray for you! In Jesus name get out of fear and depression now and move forward to cross over to other side with Jesus. A side better than what you have ever seen or experienced before in Jesus mighty name!

Say amen!

Picture Speaks:

This is my new house reserved for me miraculously by God. Three bed room all suit with some furniture's and all kitchen utensils you can ever imagine handed over to me with an authentic source of maintaining the rent.

I never begged or lobbied for it. It came by mercy and Grace from My Lord Jesus

You can't fail obeying God.




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