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zoe city

 Power Facts About About Zoe City
 • Zoe City Is God’s Ark For The Preservation Of The Church.
• Zoe City Is Gods System That Will Unite The Body Of Christ Which Will Facilitate This Last Move Of God That Will Bring Forth The Greatest Harvest Of Souls Of All Time Before The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ Our Lord.
• Zoe City Is A Rapid Fire That Will Consume All Opposition Against The Gospel Of Our Lord Jesus 
• Zoe City Is Heavens Channel For Supernatural Wisdom And Excellence 
• Zoe City Is A Fire That Will Refine Great Potentials, Callings And Gifting 
• Zoe City Is A Revival Fire That Will Bring Forth Life In And Across The Nation 
• Zoe City Is The Birthing Ground For Authentic Encounter And Raw Fire For Speedy Impact 
• Zoe City Is A Center Where Success And Excellence Is Distributed 
• Zoe City Is Gods Distributor Of The Anointing, Mantles And Graces For Greatness 
• Zoe City Is Where Kingdom Trillionairs Shall Be Groomed For Kingdom Business 
• Zoe City Is Gods Shrine For Authentic Priesthood 
• Zoe City Is God’s Institution For Raising Leaders Of Integrity, Competence and Influence 
• No One Who Ever Comes In Contact With Zoe City Remains The Same 
• No Dead Thing Collides With It And Remains Dead 
• Zoe City Is A Platform For All Who Desire To See The Glory Of God In And Through Their Life 
• Zoe City Is The Finger Of God That Shall Wrought Raw Signs And Wonders As Well As Curative And Creative Miracles Join this movement. Be part of this assignment and you shall never regret it forever. 
• Raising Kingdom Diplomats For Relevance And Territorial Dominion 
Anchor Scriptures Obadiah 1:17-21, Hebrews 11:33-38, Matthew 21:1-3, Isaiah 2:1-3 
1. To Represent Gods Center For Encounter And Intimacy With The Holy Spirit 
2. To Stand Out As God’s Ordained Mouth Piece To The Nations Of The World 
3. To Become One Of God’s Major System For Training And Releasing Missionaries For His Kingdom Advancement 
4. To Stand Out As God’s System Of Defense And Support For Ministries And Ministers Of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ 
5. To Stand Out As One Of God’s Major Leadership Model For The End Time Church 
 • To Inspire Everyone That Comes Across Our Way To Be Totally Yielded To The Holy Spirit Until They Become Useable Vessels That Will Be Relevant For His Kingdom 
1. Zoe City Is A Commission With An Unique Mandate From God 
2. Zoe City Is A Territory Taking Movement From God And Not A Religious System That Keeps Men In Bondage And Kills Their Dream/ Aspiration As Ordained By God For Them 
3. Zoe City Is Solemnly Driven And Governed By The Word Of God 
4. Zoe City Is An Authentic System Running With Gods End Time Agenda For The Body Of Christ And The Society 
5. Zoe City Is Gods Recruitment And Training Center For His End Time Army That Will Wreck Havoc To The Kingdom Of Darkness As Well As Bring Glory And Honor To The Kingdom Of God 
6. Zoe City Is A Contact Point For Spiritual Fire With Impeccable Character 
7. Zoe City Is A Center For Genuine Spiritual Hunger, Blazing Purity And Deep Intimacy With The Holy Spirit 
8. Zoe City Is Gods Citadel For Revival And Absolute Surrender To Divine Plan 
9. Zoe City Is A Center For Kingdom Driven Leadership Development And Capacity Building For All Round Relevance In Any Sphere Of Influence 
10. Zoe City Is Gods Vehicle For The Transference Of Authentic Graces For Struggle Free Spiritual Life, Supernatural Mental Exploit And Financial Boom For Daily Victory 
11. Zoe City Is A Ground For Instant Healing And Deliverance For All Oppressed By The Devil 
12. Zoe City Is Gods Finger That, Refines, Empowers And Aids Other Ministers/Ministries In All The Christian Blocks In The Body Of Christ In And Across 
13. Zoe City Is God Center For Complete Restoration, Hope For The Hopeless And Help For The Helpless 
14. Zoe City Is Heavens Broadcasting Network For Guiding And Guarding His People, Organizations, Governments And Nations 15. Zoe City Is Gods System Of Mercy For Chronic Sinners, Freedom From Sinful Bondage/Addictions, Lifting Of Burdens And Undoing Of Heavy Yokes On The Destiny Of Men 16. Zoe City Is Gods Altar For Powerful Intercessions That Can Change Anything 
17. Zoe City Is Heavens Model For Revealing The Beauty Of Knowing Christ To The Nations 
18. Zoe City Is Gods Fertile Ground For All 
19. Zoe City Is Gods Agent For Successful Relationships And Family Life 
20. Zoe City Is Gods Chambers For Revealing His Glory And Manifest Presence 
21. Zoe City Is God Leadership Model For The End Time Church 
22. Zoe City Is God Representative For Reaching Out To People Of All Class With His Message Of Love 
23. Zoe City Is Gods Strategic Plan For Recruiting, Mentoring And Positioning Ministers After His Heart For This End Time Kingdom Advance 
24. Zoe City Is Gods End Time Ark For The Preservation Of The Faith And Destiny Of Men 
25. It Is Gods Authentic Strategic For Effective Human Capital Development, Community Reformation And Nation Building

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