How Nigeria Mega churches Started

how the  mega  churches in nigeria started

 𝐋𝐢𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐠 Faith Church started with 4 members in 1983 through the founder Bishop Oyedepo, Salvation ministries took off with 34 members(15 males, 10 females, 9 children) on 13th April 1997 through Papa David Ibiyeomi..

Methodist Church started as a movement with few group of men led by John Wesley and his younger brother Charles Wesley.

Redeemed Church commenced with 9 members in 1952 by Revrened Josaiah O. Akindayomi (Succeeded by Pastor Enoch Adeboye after His death)

Deeper life church took off with 15 university students in university of Lagos in 1973 by W. F kumuyi

Omega Fire ministry took off in 2004 by Apostle Johnson Suleiman

Dunamis started as a gospel outreach in Abuja on Nov 10, 1996 by Pastor Paul Enenche. Living faith is 37yrs now, Deeper life is 47 yrs, Dunamis is 23 yrs, Redeemed is 69 yrs now, Methodist Church in Nigeria is 178 yrs, Salvation ministries is 23yrs now,Omega fire is 16yrs now.

When these movements started, they weren't making waves,But there's a great difference today..

You entered ministry just few years ago, All of a sudden you want to blow by all means, They are now introducing you to shortcuts on how to increase your crowd in 2 weeks.

They have even told you to go to that river to meet the Queen of the sea,also gave you the address of that native doctor's house.

Music minister with wonderful and angelic voice... You're killing yourself to be announced by all means. It's possible they have told you what to do to make your album sale. Have you forgotten the genuine call ?

What about those things God showed you before you started?

Understand ye not that God Is a God of process?

That God gave you the vision of leading revival movement and taking the gospel across the nation does not mean that It will not tarry.. Why are you in a rush??

Apostle Johnson Suleiman received the vision of Omega Fire in 1994 , 10 years later in 2004, The church was founded..

The scripture said that even though the vision tarries, wait for it, for it must surely come to pass. (Habakkuk 2)

Why do you choose to waste than to wait? It's better to wait than to waste.. Why rush in that business of yours? Why do you want to grow by all means excluding God's timing and process.

Even if the vision fails at first trial, Don't forget that the God of the vision never fails. Just ask him the right strategy to employ.

Please Tell that young friend of yours that's zealous and ambitious about ministry,business and life to calm down to avoid destructive crash..

Young lady that wants to marry by all means, Again it is the Better to wait than to waste.

No matter how long the vision tarries.... Wait for it


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Written by Evang Samuel Adibe

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