9 Reasons why you need to forgive others

When you hold someone in mind for the wrong they did to you, that is called UNFORGIVENESS

9 Reasons why you need to forgive others

in the lords' prayer, it is said to forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.

1. If you want others to forgive you, you must forgive others Proverbs 24:29

2. Anytime you forgive it is for your own benefit.

Forgiving the person that offends you and putting off that bad way, so that your mind will be free.

you can not carry a heavy load on your head for long because you will get wearied, so you need to forgive and let all the weight off.

Unforgiveness is like holding yourself down.

Don’t be bitter, empty your heart of all unforgiveness

3. When you decided to forgive you have decided to move forward.

for your mind to be happy you need to forgive those that trespass against you

4. Forgiveness leads to healing.

you need to forgive people that offend you, don't follow the behavior of men.

Some will offend and they will not feel the pain about it, but don’t bother that is the way of men, forgive them and let your mind be free.

Research has shown that people with the bitterness of the mind due to unforgiveness always fall sick. It can lead to hypertension

5. Be like children who forgive easily

6. forgiveness is a free gift.

Forgiveness is free to give just as our heavenly Father forgive us freely, that is why you need to forgive

7. Forgiveness leads to purification of the spirit.

God said we should come and reason together because he has forgiven us our sins. If you don’t forgive you can not reason with others

8. Forgive so that they will be at rest.

When other people offend you or did a bad thing to you, and they know within their heart that it is wrong their conscience will make them not to be at rest, but if you forgive them they will be free and be at rest

9. Forgive so that you can freely offer your worship to God Mark 11:25

Forgiveness of sins is one of the instructions God has instructed us to do daily for our sins to be forgiven and our worship to be accepted.

QUOTE: Forgiveness helps us to grow spiritually

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