A letter to the Slay Queens and Slay Kings


A letter to the Slay Queens and Slay Kings

I know it's your time to rule and reign as a young guy and lady, but make sure you do everything with sense.

Enjoying life wrongly as if today will not pass is absurd.

Living a rough life thinking you are enjoying life is unwise.

What you sow today is what you will reap tomorrow.

As a lady, If you use your body anyhow because of your beauty, you don't know how to say no to sex, hmm! that beauty will soon fade.

Remember, an old woman was once a young girl like you.

If you know any old woman who has lived a rough life before, kindly ask her what she is passing through at her old age now.

Brother, if you must sleep with every woman you set your eye on just because you think you are handsome, strong, and energetic, hmm! you will soon retire when all your sexual organs are malfunctioning. Time will tell.

My brothers and sisters, truly life is sweet, but I want you to know that there are times and seasons to everyone and everything under the sun.- Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

You can only use your season once.

The youthful season is very important, sensitive, and dangerous.

When your time and season have expired what next? What will you do?

Use this season you are wisely.

Use your youthful period wisely.

Use your body wisely now so that you won't spend your old age on a sick-bed

Live a good life now so that you won't have anything to fear in the future.

Think beyond the moment!

God bless you!

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