How to activate the help of men - The ministry of Men


How to activate the help of men - The ministry of Men

Apostle Jonathan Shekwonya is a young Nigerian revelational preacher based in Keffi, Nasarawa State. He is the lead pastor of Family Worship Experience International a fellowship largely attended by youths.

In a sermon titled the Ministry of Men, the Apostle teaches on how men can be favored by men in their journey in life.

He said, When God wants to give you speed in life, In most cases he introduces into your life the right relationships.

Meeting the right people in life can shorten your journey.

And delay can be proof you have not met the right people or you have ignored the people God sent into your life.

"May you enjoy the gift of men".

And may the right people, like you and appreciate your gift in Jesus' name.

Value relationships, they are God's system of preserving life and also God's system of giving men speed.

"I decree that in this season, Godsend strategic men and women into your life, business, career, and ministry in Jesus' name!!"

Honor all men!!

Listen, When God brings someone into your environment or sphere that is better than you or brings you into an environment better than where you are coming from. The aim is not to intimidate you or make you feel stupid.

It is God's strategy to make you better and push you out of your comfort zone.

Greatness is not built in your comfort zone.


1. Don't be intimidated by better instead be inspired.

2. Never fight "better" instead be humble, observe and learn from "better".

3. To become the best you have to learn from the best!!

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