Burden for the Church - Knowing God for yourself


Burden for the Church - Knowing God for yourself


The worms that have eaten deep into the fabrics of the church are just too much. The untruthfulness in the church is a killer of Reality.
The truth is that we find a lot of people who are supposed Ministers, that actually do not know the JESUS CHRIST they are talking about.

Look at this:
You can never be able to accurately describe a person or place you have never known or been to. At least not so well.
Pastor Chintok Ishaku said something some years ago, he said: "you can't bring people to a reality, that you, yourself haven't experienced"...

Like how do you do that? How do we have people who don't even know their God, yet they talk to 'good' about HIM.

we have too many ungodly people talking godly about God in our generation.

Someone can describe a place he has never been. Yes.
One can take a Google map and search a place and even describe it perfectly (if he's smart) to another person and that person will seem to know the location. And we have so many of them like that today. They cut from other people's experiences, add their lies and tell it perfectly.

We have many sweet Orators who describe Divine things like they know it perfectly but they don't. That's why as a person, you need to know God for yourself. You need to discover who God is to you. Not just some perfectly described nonsense. They'd make it look like they know it, whereas they know absolutely nothing about God.

We need to be careful.
A lot of sweet-talking people with no knowledge of God are around.

And so bad enough, those who know deep things about God, most especially, experientially are not KNOWN.

As an individual, you have a major role to play in Seeking God for yourself. 

A minister is just an added advantage to put you through. The rest is left for the Comforter to teach you in all things concerning the Kingdom of God in Truth.

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