Marry Her if She has these 3 Qualities


Marry her if she has these 3 Qualities



There are several qualities you must look for in any woman you wish or want to marry, the includes;

*The lady must be submissive: Submission is not weakness, submission is your ability to bring your strength under control, so ladies submitting to someone does not mean you are weak, rather it shows sign of honor and respect.

You can view being submissive from many of our mothers, the fathers will be shouting, saying all kinds of things, but our mothers will keep quiet even when they know that they are not wrong, they will choose to keep calm.

*The lady must be teachable: Alot of ladies cannot sit under a man's teaching or correction, there are alot of ladies that cannot sit down and let men talk to them because they are not teachable, and one of the causes of this, Is pride.

Please don't marry such lady, because a lady that does not take correction, is already a trouble.

*The lady must be physically attractive; Ladies, you need to know that the brothers are not just spirit because they dwell in the body and they have eyes, so they are moved by what they see, am not saying you should dress naked but try to be attractive, don't do yourself anyhow because alot of men are watching you.

Brothers, don't marry a lady you can never be proud of, someone you cannot proudly call your wife. Look for what looks like your future, i.e , marry someone you are proud of. 

Ladies, be well behaved, package yourself and also be proud of yourself.

Brothers, you need to Know that for you to have a lady that has all this qualities, you must start working on yourself, because you must first be all this things you desire In a lady, so that you can be able to attract your kind of person.

God bless you.

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