“And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters: and the name of the star is called "WORMWOOD": and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter” (Rev. 8:10-11).

As the VOICE OF GOD'S TRUMPETS are sounding we see divine activity that originate out of the...." heavens of the spirit realm".... and enter powerfully into the symbolic earth and the sea realms of our natural lives.   It is the..... realm of the spirit..... where God dwells and from whence He moves to redeem and transform us in the "soul and body realm"!  

In the passage above a “GREAT STAR” falls from THE LOFTY REALMS of heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and falls upon the third part of the....." rivers and fountains".... of waters!  Not the literal springs and rivers that flow through earth’s mountains, plains, and valleys, of course, but the rivers of man’s human life.... the spiritual rivers of thoughts and words that flow through the spirit and soul of men......   and man’s fallible word rather than God’s divine life and heaven’s living word!  

Just as the Spirit of God and the living Word of God make up the wonderful “RIVER OF LIFE WITHIN” in the closing chapters of the Revelation, and flow out from THE THRONE OF GOD WITHIN, so the “spirit of the world” and the “word of man” comprise the carnal “rivers” and “waters” of the.... earth-realm..... which flow out of the carnal minds and hearts of mere natural minded men.

The “GREAT STAR,” burning as it were a lamp, is a "FIERY BURNING WORD".... of authority and power!  It is "THE LIVING WORD"..... Christ Himself..... who is the bright and morning "STAR" who is the quickening life giving Word of God, and descends.... coming down out of the heavens of our spirit to fall upon the our .....soulical rivers.... and upon the human well-springs of mere carnal imaginations, carnal knowledge, and worldly wisdom that flow within our earthly, natural, human life and identity.   

“Rivers” IS A SPIRITUAL THOUGHT in this passage of scripture and suggest the flow of these carnal ideas and beliefs as they are taught, propagated, and assimilated into the minds, hearts, and behavior of mankind.  These constitute the word and spirit that flow out of a carnal realm.... out of the SOULISH REALM of the unsaved soul......  Christ..... THE SPIRIT OF REVELATION AND TRUTH AND MIND OF CHRIST....  falls upon these with His blazing fiery word of divine Spirit and heavenly Truth and turns carnality.... the rivers of the natural mind to WORMWOOD and bitterness!   

By that bitterness.... SPIRITUAL DEATH..... is brought to that realm! The entrance of the TRUTH consumes man's carnal rivers of thoughts thus freeing the captives as the Lord appears..  Not only a third part of the rivers, but also the “fountains of waters,” that is, the..... water sources..... are rendered undrinkable.  The “fountains of waters” represent the sources of the ideas, concepts, philosophies, teachings, precepts, creeds, doctrines, traditions, ideologies,  observances, customs, laws..... all the wisdom of mere men and their intellectual, moral, political, and religious influences of this world which are the sources from which men draw the carnal wisdom of their life, their natural joy and refreshment, their ways of thinking, their image of themselves, their carnal consciousness and their understanding of the world, their vocations, life-styles, their hopes, dreams, and ambitions, and their relationships.    If ever a FIERY BURNING PURGING AND CLEANSING was needed, it is right here in the rivers of men natural thoughts and words!

The “GREAT STAR” is a spiritual symbol and speak of the LORD JESUS HIMSELF as he appears in the power of the Spirit of Revelation and Truth!  “And the name of THE STAR is called WORMWOOD: and…the waters became wormwood (bitter).”  This reveals as THE TRUTH APPEARS.... truth makes every lying word.... BITTER to our lives.... thus we are freed to never desire to drink from the cup of these carnal rivers again.   It is Christ Himself who causes the streams of our natural life, human understanding, worldly wisdom, and man’s religion to be "MADE BITTER WITHIN US"... THUS UNDESIREABLE!  “And many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.”  THIS DEATH IS A SPIRITUAL DEATH..... When we die to something.... it loses it influence over us.... thus we lose our love for it.....  Oh, yes!   The very thing that we once loved and was once joy and life to us now becomes OUR DEATH TO SELF!  These things become .... BITTER .... to us as our love for the Lord and his truth advances WITHIN...... That is the divine wisdom and effective processing of the Lord in the lives of HIS CALLED.... CHOSEN.... THE ELECT OF THIS AGE!

The river of God is spiritual, the rivers of earth are carnal and soulical.  The river of God is the..... spirit of the word.....THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH MAKES THE WORD ALIVE IN US.....  the rivers of earth are the letter of the word in which kills what the Spirit of Truth is saying within.   The river of God is essence, the rivers of earth are form.  The river of God is living reality, the rivers of earth are lifeless shadows and deceptive illusions.  The river of God is truth and life, the rivers of earth are cold, dead facts in which there is no life!   There are many things that are true, but they are not the truth.  They are cold, dead facts, but they are not quickening life and power!  And now may I exhort you to flee from those things which are true but not Truth, as surely and swiftly as you would flee your home if you discovered it to be a den of rattlesnakes! 

We have a whole crop of doom-casters in the land today who spend their time and energy in nothing else but informing the Lord’s people of all the negative situations which are going to overtake our nation and the world!  Many of the Lord’s precious people are being fed a steady diet of messages, articles, books, and tapes about world conditions, politics, the situation in the Middle East, oil crisis, economic collapse, one world government, conspiracies of the Illuminati, Council on Foreign Relations, World Trade Organization, World Bank, European Common Market Beast Government, the Antichrist, the mark of the beast, cashless society, strikes, riots, war, terrorism, the great tribulation, supposed “safe areas,” food storage, living off the land, planetary conjunctions, pestilence, tsunamis, erratic weather conditions, wickedness, catastrophes, the end of the world, and a whole catalog of other fearful and frightening events which they imagine fulfill the prophecies of the book of Revelation, some of which will undoubtedly happen, just as they have happened historically through the ages, but many of which I tell you now are nothing more than wild and sensational speculations conceived in the darkness of the carnal minds of men who masquerade as end-time teachers and prophets of God, bewitching the saints.  The natural mind, my beloved, is certainly one of the well-springs and sources of the earthly “fountains of waters” from whence flow the “rivers” of carnal ideas, concepts, teachings, and imaginations of which the “inhabitants of the earth” drink and find a certain level of excitement, refreshment, and fulfillment.  

 Let every child of God who has had birthed within his bosom the beautiful hope of sonship turn the searchlight of sincerity and truth upon his pure heart and ask this one important question: Do any of the above mentioned things minister LIFE?  Does the knowing and study of them cause you to be more filled with the Spirit?  Do they enable you to put on the mind of Christ?  Do they work deliverance and overcoming power in your life?  Do they transform you into the image of the firstborn Son of God?  Do they flood your life with peace and joyful expectation in Christ?  Do they imbue you with spiritual wisdom and understanding, with righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost?  Do they inspire you with ever-increasing faith by which you shall conquer every enemy and lay hold upon life and immortality?  Are they TRUTH, quickening, life-giving Truth, or are they, one and all, merely things that are true, or, perhaps, may be true, or may not even be true at all!  I have no hesitation whatever in telling you that all these streams of teaching are naught but carnal rivers flowing through the earth-realm!

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