Qualities We Need to Develop If We Want God's Power


Qualities We Need to Develop If We Want God's Power

Qualities We Need to Develop If We Want God's Power

Only people who have died to self will be able to operate in a great anointing. It is very

important for anyone who aspires to be part of the Lord's work to understand what will be required of them.

Some of the most important qualities such a life must have are:

● Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. 

● Always give God your best. 

●  Develop a hunger for the Word of God. Pay attention continually to the teaching of the word of God. 

● When you make a mistake, be quick to repent. 

● Allow Jesus to be your defense. 

● Leave the past behind, and press toward the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. 

● Yield your will fully to the will of God. 

● Once you have put your hand to the plough to work for God, do not look back. 

● Offer your body unto God as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto Him. 

● Do not conform to the pattern of the world. 

● Do not limit the Holy Spirit. Give full credit, honour, and glory to Him. 

● Stay aware of the presence of Jesus. Live your life in Him.

● Let love be your motivation in all you do. 

● Develop a desire to help others. 

● Do not be a respecter of persons, but make everyone aware that he is important to God. Rejoice over the success of others, and go out of your way to help them. 

● Remember that your actions and behaviour speak louder than your words. Your life may be the only "Bible" many people ever see. 

● Guard very carefully that which God has given you. 

● If you are a preacher, always preach the Word, not your experience.

Copied, with modifications, from Kathryn Khulman, A Spiritual Biography, by Roberts Liardon

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