Life of choices Life is all about choices to make, Which path do you choose Choice of life Choice of death Choice of evil, choice of jealousy, choice of godliness choice of ungodliness, choice of cheating and many more which do you choose. It is your decision of life. Mind you all path (choices) has consequences there are two major choices, involved here on earth 🌍 which are:- worldly choices, and godly choices. To make it plain it is to be either on the side of God or on the side of satan, there are Two goal post and the ball is in the court which one do you choose to score you choose worldliness the consequences is there plainly, you choose godliness with contentment the outcome is there clearly. Life is a game when you play is either win or lose, If you choose to follow and serve God, my dear reader it is good, God assured us prosperity if we choose to serve Him, He assured us protection if we choose to obey His command Deuteronomy 30:9 says and the Lord will make thee plenteous in every work of thine hand ✋. In protection He will guide you, in all dangers. psalms 91:1 says he that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty , same goes to proverbs 19:23 read it. Now the terms of serving God is protection and prosperity and the command is Obey and serve Him only. In the other hand is satan: the adversary one; you choose to follow satan, fine, it is your choice, yes satan can give you prosperity but you have To bargain it with him on life basis, and then satan gift is for a short period of time, not for long. And also remember that satan is a deceiver of all sorts, do you chose to be deceived. Note the choice is yours. Remember there is life after death, and we have the choice of heaven and hell, some choose to spend their Eternity in hell others heaven, which do you choose. Hell is a place of torment and heaven a place of merriment. Life is not ours it is a borrowed life God owns the life, life again is free, but the life is worse for some people's as my friend said,due to their actions and inaction. It is, also know that humans are fated in some extent, Quote: The choice you make in life defines who you are. If you choose to be on the Lord's side fine. But if you choose to follow the multitude to do evil following the works of satan, fine, never forget the day of reckoning. The choice you make determines your destiny. NOTE: 📝 Think 🤔 about this enjoyment on earth and torment in hell after death. (2). Poor on earth and torment in hell after death. Think about this:- Enjoyment on earth and merriment in heaven after death. (2). Poor on earth and merriment in heaven after death. Remember life is all about choices you voluntarily and deliberately choose what you fit in. Choose now.
After all there's God.......
By Bobdoe Richard

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