The Power of Light and Insight 🌟

The Power of LightπŸ’‘ and Insight.

And there was delivered unto him the book of the prophet Esaias. And when he had opened the book, he found the place where it was written…
(Luke 4:17).

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: It is those who have the Word that rule their world, because God controls this world by His Word.

The place of light and insight is non-negotiable in the fulfilment of destiny. Light guarantees direction and acceleration for destiny fulfilment. No one can be great in life who is buried in darkness; and no one can be greater in life than his level of insight. So, in order to fulfil destiny, God opens the door of light and insight to a person.

Now, the opening of the door of light and insight is a situation where God opens our eyes to see great depths of insight from Scriptures such as we have never seen before; it is accessing unusual insight from God’s Word (Psalm 119:18). God makes the Bible an open book when the door of insight is opened unto a person.

Now, what is the importance of light?
1. Light is key to flight (Isaiah 60:1, 8)
Light is needed in order to take a flight in any area of life.

2. Light is key to shining (Isaiah 60:1-4)
The fact is, people are not shining because they are lucky; they are shinning because they are lighty, that is, they have light; they have insight.

3. Light is the answer to the night
When light comes up, the night dies out. Light dissipates darkness.

4. Light is key to manifestation
There is a revelation behind every manifestation. So, if you want to step into dimensions of manifestation, then you need a higher dimension of light from the Word.

Beloved, the Word you access determines your worth in God; it is worded people that are worthy people in God. It is those who have the Word that rule their world, because God controls this world by His Word. Therefore, ask God to open the door of insight for you today.

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