The Robber Called Satan

Jesus Christ describe his love for his sheep in the New Testament and when we say sheep he his referring to [us] the love of god has no boundary for us therefore he sent Jesus to us to save us out from the hand of the robber called satan.
Jesus speaking in john 10:1, he, said he that enter not by the door into the sheepfold but climb upon some other way, the same is a thief and a robber. This is a parable that jesus was saying and he is referring to satan as the thief and a robber. You cannot enter a man’s house through the window; rather you go through the door to gain entrance when you knocked at the door. Or you will be regarded as a thief passing through the window trying to steal.
The same goes to satan as the thief, satan does not go through the right process to gain access to a man’s heart. In this way we can say  or call it a crooked way that satan uses, of course satan does not need the go through the right process bcause he is the devil.
Know this that your heart is the centre of your life; you alone owns the key to your heart. And watch out for those you open it to.
Quote: satan sa an outrageous entity is looking for those to accompany him to hell.

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