Beware of the secret agenda of the evil ones - Voice of prophecy

pastor Don Chukwudi

by pastor Don Chukwudi 

 I will be sharing some of the things The Lord speaks to me about in my secret place whenever He directs me to. This is never to draw attention to myself or to show that I am more spiritual than others. It is a privilege given to me by the mercies of God for the edification, correction and direction for the people of God even to the glory of His Holy Name alone. Finally, note that according to the Holy Scriptures every prophecy is subject/or must be judged by the written word. I am simply a slave of Christ that have decided to yield to him totally till He calls me home or He returns for His Church. 1st August 2020 by Some Minutes Pass 6am I Head Clearly the Following Words PLEASE READ AND ALIGN YOURSELF PROPERLY 

 This month of august will herald the season of victory for my people: THE SAINTS The plans, visions and goals they set before me early this year that look as though it will not come to pass again due to the crises that shook the world; I will start bringing together forces and circumstances that will make them to start happening from this month It is a season of victory by My Spirit for it is not by power nor by might but by My Spirit alone shall it happen for any who will simply trust and obey my promptings this period. Therefore my saints should be in tune and in constant alignment with the leadings of My Spirit. It is a time to seriously walk in the Spirit 


 Satan wants to rain evil on the young ones especially teenagers. Parents should pray more this season especially in the spirit. Praying in the spirit this season is very pivotal in making prophetic intercessions that will cripple/dislodge the powers of darkness from taking advantage of their loved ones For there shall be another wave of evil and perversion amongst children and teenagers but it takes only prayer to secure your home and loved ones Be sober and vigilant for the enemy is like a roaring lion seeking for destinies and homes of my people to destroy so as to destabilize the influence of my church before the heathen. I am in need of Spirit driven praying men and women: Authentic priesthood that will match down the manipulations of the evil one among my people. Saints that can through much travailing in the spirit tap into the Wisdom of the Ancient One and discipline the wiles and schemes of the devil. Wives should pray more for their husbands than trying to resist them by flesh, for the battle over men is highly spiritual. The arm of flesh shall fail but those that engage the weapons of My Spirit will surely ensure that their victory in me is secured Children, who are taught my word; who take heed to my sayings are going to be baptized by my Spirit with wisdom for witty inventions, for I am pouring out the spirit of creativity at a higher level in mass. It shall be the trade mark of the homes of my saints: who have lined up with my kingdom agenda for the now and in active service for me Men of God should pay serious attentions to their homes this season. They are satan’s prime target; to useless their boast in the Lord. 


 The greatest gateway to their homes now is via the seed of discord and bitterness between them and their wives. Be very watchful about this for little things will be magnified by these forces in order to break the bond of the Spirit between them and their spouse. The key to shield it off is to consciously walk in love with all humility of heart and always create time daily to pray with your spouse For I am coming quickly and my reward is with me for all that I find faithful. The time is extremely short. Examines yourself constantly by my word so as not fall in the way; just any one can fall who thinks He cannot. Remember the secret place is the key to keep your spiritual strength constantly ablaze for the kingdom of God.
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