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By pastor Don Chukwudi

 ...Prayer is essential in this ongoing warfare, PRAY HARD AND LONG. Ephesians 6:18 MSG

The Lord made me to understand that the ongoing warfare over the destiny of man has intensified. The battle for Supremacy has taken another shape. The kingdom of darkness has become more sophisticated that it takes a deep rooted man of prayer to easily detect error now. There is serious battle over the life's of men. This is why an average Christian struggle to pray. Young men and women lack real value for things that matters in the eyes of God; things that have eternal weight. The spirit of iniquity is really waging war to capture the next rising generation. 

They have penetrated children via cartoons, penetrated teenagers via technology, penetrated the youths via quest for quick success and fame. The family is under seige, that's why it's now looking like is normal  for a husband to have a side chick, women to have a sex partner that will satisfy them since there husbands are not available for them. I am hoping to see the day 80% of our testimonies are on how many life's, families or cities we have practically taken for God. When I look at the media is nothing to write  home about, I turn to Christian channels and majority is just merchandising the gospel. All this and More is a proof that we lack men of the secret place. 

Prayer is really lacking in the church. I don't mean praying for mundane things like car, house, job etc no! no! no! I mean real travailing prayer that will break the grip of Satan over a territory and enthrone the Government of Heaven over the life's of men. REAL TRAVAILING PRAYER IS WHAT IS LACKING IN THE CHURCH. I know that God is raising young men and women that will wipe away tears from the eyes of Jesus and make him proud. 

God is saying can I get someone that will partner with the Holy Spirit in the place of prayer and give Him enough legality to penetrate our homes, church, communities society and nations at large. Can we make the Spirit of God our Prayer Partner so that we can Pray hard and Pray long till we see His glory cover the Earth as waters cover the sea. People that will sacrifice their pleasure, time, comfort etc just to travail by the Spirit of God.

We are waiting for God to act while in reality God is the one waiting for us to pray HARD AND LONG and authorize Him to Move.

This kind of prayer change anywhere, anything, anyone, any government or system. 

You will see how cheap Satan is when you really Partner with the Holy Ghost and Persist or Travail in Prayers.

NB: Surely The Church is marching forward and the  gates of hell shall not prevail!

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