Gen 3:24... So he drove out "THE MAN-ADAM; and he placed at the "EAST" of the garden of Eden "CHERUBIMS", and "A FLAMING SWORD" which turned every way, to keep the way of
CHERUBIM is often used in the scriptures in reference to GUARDING THE WAY OF LIFE, that is, to keep "THE FALLEN MAN" of corruptible flesh from ever returning and approaching unto that BEAUTIFUL TREE OF GOD--JESUS CHRIST. The Word here translated "CHERUBIMS" is the Hebrew word---keruwb... meaning... guardians, as guarding, protecting, covering or hovering over, as flanking God's glory and presence. These definitions associate with, fencing in, overshadowing, protecting thus keeping safe and secure
"THE WAY" back into the "GLORY OF EDEN-THE HEAVENLY REALMS OF THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH. "A FLAMING SWORD" is symbolic of THE LORD JESUS HIMSELF. As the "flaming fiery Sword of the Spirit is the Word of God"--THE TRUTH. Thus Jesus is revealed here as the living breathing Word of Almighty God. EAST here revealing the direction of the "RISING OF THE SUN" speaking of the entrance INTO a NEW AND LIVING DAY. While keeping the way safe from the carnal mind, God has made the way wide open for the overcomers of this appointed time.
We all know that JESUS HIMSELF is THE WAY OF LIFE speaking of the "TREE OF LIFE". Therefore when we put these thoughts together it is clear that the "CHERUBIMS" are seen here in this context are guarding, protecting, keeping safe THE WAY back into THE GLORY OF THE EAST... THE DAWNING OF A NEW AND GLORIOUS DAY-- THE GREAT DAY OF THE LORD JESUS HIMSELF.
THE CHERUBIMS and A FLAMING SWORD are associated with one another in this context and passage of scripture. Here we see "CHERUBIMS" speak and reveals "MUCH MORE" of the character, truth and divine qualities "IN MAN" RATHER than that of it being
a spirit being such as Satan. No where in this context of the word have we seen Satan revealed. Thus we see CHERUBIMS here as TRUTH IN NATURE, TRUTH IN CHARACTER, TRUTH IN ASPECT, TRUTH IN DIVINE ATTRIBUTES, TRUTH IN DIVINE QUALITIES OF LIFE. These "CHERUBIMS" are showing forth the divine attributes, character and qualities of "THE FLAMING SWORD"-- JESUS HIMSELF.
Thus these CHERUBIMS are protecting, guarding, and fencing in THE TRUTH from the carnal, literal, natural mind and eyes of
"THE FALLEN MAN ADAM". While simultaneously-- at the same time providing "THE WAY" back into the glorious liberty of THE THRONE OF GOD. Keeping the way to return to the GARDEN OF EDEN--THE REALMS OF THE HEAVENS where abides the BEAUTIFUL "TREE OF LIFE".
HERE IT IS LETS SEE IT.... 1Co 2:14... But the "NATURAL MAN--THE FIRST MAN-ADAM" receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. Here it is clearly evident that God removed THE FIRST MAN ADAM from the mighty realms of the GARDEN OF GOD. Therefore He has set "CHERUBIMS and A FLAMING SWORD" speaking of divine qualities and truth to keep safe thus protecting THE REALMS OF TRUTH from ravenous beast, therefore also providing THE WAY for the RETURN of the "firstfruits"---"MANIFEST SONS OF GOD" in this exciting hour
of His plan and purpose of this age.
Blessings All!

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