And I saw AN ANGEL coming down from HEAVEN, having the KEY of THE BOTTOMLESS PIT

Notice in Deu 9:3... the phrase "as a "CONSUMING FIRE" he shall destroy "THEM", and he shall bring "THEM" down before thy face. Here the natural literal mind and wisdom of men will interrupt these words in a carnal mindset.... thinking and saying God is speaking of "THEM" as the enemies of life which are "OURSIDE"of our hearts. But as we hear and discern these divine thoughts "BY THE SPIRIT OF WISDOM".  It becomes clear the enemies here are the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life which lurk within the Adamic nature "IN MAN"--THE REALM OF FLESH.  As we hear what "THE SPIRIT" is saying we understand a man's "TRUE" enemy is "A SPIRITUAL ENEMY".   Which dwells within "HIS OWN HOUSE--IN THE INTERNAL REALM OF THE SOUL".  The "THEM" the Spirit is speaking of here are the carnal lusts, desires and passions "WARRING" againt the "SPIRIT and LIFE OF CHRIST WITHIN".

 “And I saw AN ANGEL coming down from HEAVEN, having the KEY of THE BOTTOMLESS PIT..... 

Rev 20:1-3

And I saw an angel coming down from heaven, having THE KEY OF 

THE BOTTOMLESS PIT and A GREAT CHAIN IN HIS HAND.  And he laid hold on the dragon…which is Satan, and BOUND HIM A THOUSAND YEARS…that he should DECEIVE THE NATIONS NO MORE, till the thousand years should be fulfilled: and "AFTER that he must be loosed A LITTLE SEASON… and shall go out TO DECEIVE the nations that are in the four quarters of the earth, 

The Spirit of Revelation revealed this Prophetic picture unto John the seer on Patmos--- TO BE MADE KNOWN-UNDERSTOOD BY THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH AND UNDERSTANDING- IN THE SPIRIT OF ILLUMINATION-IN OUR INNER MAN-- SPIRIT AND SOUL.  This means we must HEAR, SEE what the Spirit is saying AND doing within the hearts of the "firstfruits"-- "overcomers" in this THE DAY OF THE LORD.  THE SPIRIT REVEALS THIS IS A "INNER WORD" not a "OUTER WORD".    When we clearly hear the Spirit we are illuminated-caught up IN/BY "THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH" in the INNER MAN! Thus making it a "LIVING REALITY IN OUR EXPERIENCE" that these passages are revealing the dealing-workings of God within our NEW CREATION, spirit and soul.  This is not a natural, literal nor a carnal word--happening in the natural-physical world around us.  These Scriptures are THE REVELATION OF JESUS in the midst of His "ELECT" in this present hour. These passages are a "RIGHT NOW DEALING OF GOD" in this THE DAY OF THE LORD/ and by THE DAY OF THE LORD.   

Jesus is the light-truth revealed in these passages.  HE also is "THE DAY OF THE LORD"-- The DAY OF THE LORD reveals "THE LORD JESUS HIMSELF WITHIN US REIGNING-RULING THUS CONQUERING "ALL THINGS" within the lives of the "overcoming sons of God".  

Now let's look at the "TRUE REVELATION" concerning the phrase-- speaking of Satan... and "AFTER" that he must be loosed A LITTLE SEASON.  There is a mystery here which must be illuminated, 

Satan IS NOT a "PHYSICAL BEING"-- he is a spirit being.  His binding and loosing is not by the power of physical means.  Now this

phrase...  Satan is bound for a THOUSAND YEARS, spiritually speaking-- HE IS BOUND "IN/BY" THE DAY OF THE LORD/ or IN/BY THE LORD JESUS HIMSELF.  The DAY OF THE LORD is "JESUS HIMSELF" who is the Spiritual Kingdom of light, illumination, glory and power.   If we are to HEAR BY THE SPIRIT... we must see these passages happening "WITHIN THE HIDDEN MAN OF THE HEART" 

in our experience in our daily lives.... These passages ARE REAL--in the "NOW" in the realm of spirit... "this working of God is our living reality" today.  

As "THE ANGEL-MESSENGER" manifest from THE HEAVENS-- THE REALM OF SPIRIT, LIGHT, UNDERSTANDING AND ILLUMINATION we are CAUGHT UP and made to sit together in heavenly places 

"IN-THRONED" in Christ Jesus-HIS IMAGE.  HERE IT IS...  1Jo 3:2...when he shall appear "THE ARCANGEL", we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is.   While we are caught up abiding in the reality-consciousness of the LORD HIMSELF living in the mind of Christ-- conscious of THE DAY OF THE LORD.   As he--the angel-the true message appears WE SHALL BE LIKE HIM, IN HIM, showing forth his image and likeness. In this exalted and high STATE OF BEING we are "FREE" from Satan's world THE DUST OF FLESH.  He was restricted, restrained and lowered down into the realm of dust, the soulish realm of the carnal mind, the realm of flesh, fleshly passions, desires and lusts and all manner of evils.  

Thus while caught up in Christ our experience is "FREEDOM" while IN HIS IMAGE.  IN THIS STATE OF BEING the old serpent is "SEALED AND BOUND" in the bottomless pit/the abyss of the CARNAL/FLESH MAN.   The moment/second man falls from the heavenly realm "IN CHRIST'S IMAGE" thus losing the consciousness and reality of THE LORD JESUS HIMSELF/ OR THE DAY OF THE LORD.  In a twinkling the serpent/the old deceiver "IS RELEASED" for a little season.  This is how the passages read... and "AFTER" that he must be loosed A LITTLE SEASON... and shall go out TO DECEIVE the nations that are in the four quarters of the earth.... As we began TO HEAR THE SPIRIT OF REVELATION this dealing of God becomes real in our experience, thus we see and understand clearly these mysteries. Notice in this passage... going out to deceive the nations that are "IN THE FOUR QUARTERS OF THE EARTHY REALM OF FLESH.  By the Spirit this reveals Satan is always looking for the realm of fleshy desires, evil passions, fleshy hunger that lurks in men's lower carnal realms.   As he fines these fleshy things dominant within the heart of man he is loosed A LITTLE SEASON.... going forth to tempt and deceive.  There is ONLY ONE TRUE MESSENGER-MESSAGE and that is the LORD JESUS HIMSELF... yes we know he uses his "true son's" in which to manifest and appear in and through.  But it is "THE LORD JESUS HIMSELF" manifesting His life and glory in the midst of His many membered company.  The angel coming down out of Heaven is the Lord himself in our midst having the KEY-AUTHORITY to bind Satan and SEAL HIM UP in the realm of the flesh "THE BOTTOMLESS PIT in which is his home and dwelling place.  The Lord is doing His perfect work in this time in the hearts of "THE VERY ELECT" in this age. Bringing these to the STATE where Satan shall be cast out of their heavens, and also SEALED AND BOUND in the lower realm of soul and body, speaking of the carnal mind and the lusts of the flesh realms--- AND THERE IS A GREAT CHAIN OF TRUTH AND POWER IN HIS HAND.....   

This message is so mighty it must be continued later.... 

Blessing All...

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