The mother that spiritually births "Jesus the Son of God" into manifestation WITHIN our experience is the "saved soul" which is the mind of Christ within.  The Word uses the natural analogy of a "mother that births" to describe the "spiritual birthing of Christ's anointing" transpiring within the "transformed soul of man".  The "soul of man" is progressively and consistently birthing the "issues of life" into our experience.  

The soul has four main compartments within,  mind-thoughts-thinking-intellect of man, will of man, emotion of man and the desire-hunger-passion of man.  HERE SHE IS IN... Gal 4:26... But Jerusalem which is above is free, which is "THE MOTHER" of us all.  The "mother" is a spiritual mother thus she births "ALL THINGS AFTER THE SPIRIT".  The phrase... "which is above is free" denotes Jerusalem a spiritual city that has been born of the Spirit WHICH IS "THE MOTHER" as she is birthing all spiritual life thus filling the earth with the glory of Lord as the waters cover the seas.  

Thus in contrast to the "mother which is above birthing FREEDOM" there is the "mother of harlots".  HERE SHE IS IN... Rev 17:5... And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. This "mother of harlots" is used as a spiritual analogy of 

"the rebellious unsave soul- unchastened wild soul" which is the "carnal natural literal soul in man".  The "mother of harlots" is the soulish dimension of man’s life that through her carnal sense-consciousness and human logic and reasoning and soulish zeal births what she believes is pleasing to God, what she feels is the 

worship of God, what she perceives to be the work of God, and what she determines to be the way of God. The "mother of harlots" in the Book of Revelation speaks of the religious soulish realm in men.   Man's very own religious mind, religious will, religious emotion, and religious desire! 

Where did the "REILIOUS CHURCH SYSTMEN'S OF MEN" with all her false doctrines, pagan practices, and carnal rituals, come from?  These evils proceed right out of the soulish unsaved spiritual realms within the heart of man?  Carnal church systems, the rituals of the "dead works" of the flesh realm, methods, programs, are not spiritually birthed out of the other carnal church systems.  They are "one and all" birthed out of the "mother of them all"-- "the soulish mother of harlots" which is the soulish heart within man!

God’s people have been walking after the "mother of harlots" too long.  We have been deceived by her prophecies, misled by her teachings, enticed by her attractiveness, seduced by her wantonness; we have been betrayed by the spirit of Mystery Babylon right within the midst of us!   We have walked by the direction of the soulish nature rather than by the leadership of the spirit.  It is time for “our woman-the carnal soul” to keep silence in the church!  Most of the men I have met in my life-time who were concerned about “natural women preachers” were themselves under the control of the loudest-mouthed woman of all which is their own wild women unsaved soul!  They were so stuck in--in captivity to their own soulish dead-letter-of-the-word understanding that they could never hear "WHAT THE SPIRIT IS SAYING UNTO THE CHURCH!  It is high time for “our spiritual soulish woman” to be brought under subjection!  This is one of the vital keys to overcoming!  THIS CONFLICK OF INTEREST MUST BE ACCOMPLISHED WITHIN!  It is time for "THE MAN IN THE HOUSE" to BE LORD in the house of God!  

When we reach the place where we willingly refuse to accept as "spiritual truth" that which thrills and chills and seems right to the soulish realm, where we willingly refuse to identify with that outer world that stimulates the soulish affections, casting ourselves upon Jesus Christ who Himself is the truth, the light, the reality. Then the "THE LORD-- THE MAN--THE SPIRIT takes the throne of our life to reveal out of our innermost being the wisdom and the power of God. 

Blessings All...

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