The greatest danger to any man’s spiritual life


The greatest danger to any man’s spiritual life

The greatest danger to any man’s spiritual life is not the world outside of himself, but truly the world within!

He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit is saying unto 

the Church... 



Rev 17:4... And "THE WOMEN" was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:

Many things have been said and written concerning the scarlet-clad harlot riding upon the wild beast nature having seven heads and ten horns. Most carnal interpretations on this subject have come forth from a carnal, literal mind identifying the "harlot women" as the Roman Catholic Church.  Many in the early church believed the harlot was the natural nation Rome itself.    What does it mean to have a "carnal soul"?  To be carnal means we can only see with natural literal sight, to be dominated by the five sense realm, to see things only transpiring from outside of our hearts thus never seeing the spiritual world from "WITHIN" by the Spirit of Revelation unfolding in the invisible world of THE SPIRIT OF GOD. 

The carnal women mind is an external mind limited to external events and happening.  How convenient it is when men who are dominated by the carnal world understand only with carnal eyes this "harlot" as something that does not pertain to their own inner lives. 

If the prophetic pictures in the Book of Revelation are only concerning to others and we never see them happening "WITHIN" us, how comfortable we become.  When in reality this "harlot mother" is much closer to the hearts of men than we think. 

Therefore if we see the "harlot women" as only representing things happening outside of the heart of men then we shall miss what the Spirit is saying to the Church.  This "HARLOT MOTHER" is real and she has influenced the spirit and soul of everyman. The Book of Revelation is written and given unto the heart of men, THE WORD OF GOD "IS SPIRIT" thus it concerns the inner man of the heart spirit and soul.  The Revelation of Jesus Christ is a living spiritual revelation thus in reality it is concerning the work and dealing of God "WITHIN" us.  The Revelation of Christ is transpiring "WITHIN" His spiritual temple in which we are.  The King of Glory must appear and come by the spirit "WITHIN" US therefore conquering all things even the "harlot mother" with her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her spiritual fornication.  This "women" is a spiritual fornicator that has usurped the glory of the Temple of the living God.  

Therefore THE LORD JESUS HIMSELF by the power of His Spirit is mightily working casting down the "harlot" from the souls, mind, will, passions, desires and emotions of "His Elect" in this important hour.  God is making it known that this "scarlet-clad women" has been very active in the daily lives of men.  Thus it is the Revelation and appearing of the Lord Jesus that is consuming her with the brightness of His appearing and with the Spirit of His Word.  Men 

cannot gaze complacently upon the "spiritual picture" of this "harlot women-soul" and feel that of a certainty it has no spiritual application to and within themselves.  

Let us see clearly the divine truth that the "harlot woman" riding upon the wild beast nature in man is the unsaved, un-transformed, and un-regenerated "soul" in every man.  The revelation 

identifies the "carnal harlot soul" in man as a harlot because she cannot be faithful to "HER MAN".  He that is vitally joined unto the Lord Jesus is "ONE SPIRIT".   Thus we find the man Jesus who is at home within our spirit.   Then we see "harlot soul" is found forever running around in spiritual fornication birthing into the earth all matter of abomination and evil.  Where are all the evils manifesting in the earth today really coming from?  Right out of the spiritual fornication being birthed from the un-regenerated "harlot soul women" working in man's own heart.  Thus the "wild un-chasten unsaved soul" is to be found in every individual and also in every church.   John's spiritual vision of "the harlot unsaved soul" reaches to all the existing church systems thus influencing every believer in Christ.  

We must see this "divine vision" is transpiring within our hearts thus this rebellious women-soul lives within the inner man. There the man Jesus who is at home within us is forever wooing and winning "the soul" with his unfailing love and patience.  Therefore it is by the regeneration of the washing of water Jesus is transforming and saving the soul of man.   Thus bringing forth His "chaste virgin" in which only has eyes for "HER MAN".   The "saved virgin women", the "saved soul" in our hearts has married the man who is at home within.  Therefore we see the vision of the "holy chaste virgin", the saved soul who is the Lamb's wife who shall birth the glory of the Lord into the world.  

Wherever the church allies herself with the world, and wherever the individual believer allows the spirit of the world to invade his spiritual life, there the spiritual vision the messenger sends

to John in this chapter materializes anew and manifest.  Yet, it is not alone the world without that creates the issue, but the world within as well!  The truth is with all the emphasis possible that the greatest danger to any man’s spiritual life is not the world outside of himself, and the evil things happening in the world all around, but truly the "WORLD WITHIN"!

We must hear what the Spirit is saying unto His glorious Church... 

Blessings All....

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