PRAYER IS IMPORTANT by Apostle Arome Osayi

If you want to translate holy ghost to power in your life you will accept the burden of sacrifice.Try praying up to ten hours in a day,when you want power you will pray like tap,continue praying until you find the grace of prayer and you will go beyond what your soul wants.

While keeping yourself busy all day,try saving Saturdays for your prayers,schedule all your works on other days and leave Saturday behind for your prayers. Pray and read your bible,sleep wake up and continue praying again,continue doing this till it becomes your life.

Prayers requires time and submission so the rejection of prayer will come for you not to give yourself to prayer,even though you are praying but not surrendering but when you finish praying your opinion should be canceled out.

Sometimes you find out that engaging in longer prayer changes you not God.Many times in order for God to help you,you release yourself into long prayers God will show you a wrong philosophy that you had,that was a blockage to your life and you adjust.

Your body will adjust to accommodate sacrifice but at the very beginning it may seem hard. Know that sacrifice matters a lot in the life of a Christian.

Brothers and sisters prayer is important.

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