Eternity defined - What you should know


Eternity defined - What you should know

Eternity is a person. 

Eternity is not an event. 

Eternity is not subject to time.

 Eternity is, Eternity will always be. 

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and forever.

While many are daily walking out of time into eternity. Many are held bond in their religious chains. Enoch lived more more 6000 years ago. The bible confirmed that he walked with God until time was no more in him.

Elijah Soo walked with God until he was taken up by the chariots of heaven. Jesus Christ who is our head walked with God until mortality was completely swallowed up.

The Word of God is Life. The bible account are the manifestation of the Word. They are examples of men who received the Word in their heart and their acts by the Word. The Word of God is eternal. It will manifest it's life anything. 

If you believe what Enoch believed you will have the results of Enoch.

We are living in a season when men will receive The Word. Is a season many have developed unto the measure where they can receive The Word. We may not have so many in the time of Paul. But Paul was among those who crossed from time to eternity. We may not have many in the day of Peter. But He was among the few who received Eternal Life.

Many believe that Paul is in the grave sleeping. My beloved. You don't know what Eternity is. Neither do you know what Ressurrection is . Can Death bring forth Life??? No Sir. We are build upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets. Can the main building be stronger than the foundation ?

This space is not enough to express my heart on this topic. Let him who has ear hear what the spirit is saying.


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