Most people do not understand that authority plays a vital role in Dominion and in commanding mastery.

Submit yourself to God, recognize that there is an authority from where you derived your own power, and with that consciousness, you can resist the devil and he will flee from you.

Authority seems to provide three things in the life of an individual which include:




These are the assignment of authority in the life of an individual.

You are as powerful as the authority that backs you, you cannot explore in the realm of greatness on your own accord, so it requires the authority that backs you up both physically and spiritually to take part. Never try to fight alone, always be conscious of the authority that backs you up.

When Jesus Christ was on Earth, he never regarded nor called himself father, even though him and his father are one, so while he was on Earth he knew and acknowledged that there was Abba Father, the one that is above him.

Many believers are not able to succeed in life simply because they don't understand the power of authority. If you only depend on the quality of your spiritual life to advance in life, your pace may be slow, because there are times you will need to adopt the covenant advantage that comes with authority that will enable you to make tremendous progress in your life. 

Authority is powerful, when God calls men, there are covenant he has with them that creates a platform for certain possibilities and you can tap into that covenant. There are ministries that carry the covenant of wealth and prosperity and when people come into that ministry before they get to know anything about finance, they will begin to prosper because of the power of authority. There are ministries that are prophetic that when you will see a businessman coming in to seek for business solutions before you know what is happening they will start travailing in their businesses.

 Strive to understand the advantage that authority can provide, because there will be a time when your skills will fail you but the covenant you have with the authority you are under will speak for you.

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